Clock’s Ticking on Expo Phase II Lawsuit. Opponents Vow to Get it Filed by Next Week.

2_23_10_future.jpgThe future home of Expo Light Rail? Facing East on Sepulveda and Exposition.

Photo: LA Streetsblog/Flickr

Anyone awaiting word on whether the group fighting to stop or reconfigure Phase II of the Expo Line would file lawsuit doesn’t have to wait until March 6, the last day they can file to legally challenge the certification of the Environmental Impact Statement approved by the Expo Board on February 4. At a meeting of Neighbors for Smart Rail last week, the organization was collecting checks and promising from the podium that a legal filing was in the works.

Reports vary on the amount of people in attendance at last weekend vary, but range upward to 250 attendees, almost all of whom were vocal about their opposition to the line. In addition to the lawsuit, the Neighbors for Smart Rail are planning a grassroots effort to inform the community, both residences and businesses, that the Expo Line will go through West L.A. at-grade. After the jump, you can read a full summary of the meeting from the "West of Westwood Homeowner’s Association" an organization that is supportive of Neighbors for Smart Rail.

I want to thank the over 250 people who attended the NFSR meeting yesterday.

It was nice to see new faces but it was concerning to see how many people STILL did not know that if we do nothing the train would be coming through at grade (street level) in 5 years. Many thought it was going below grade or around us.

Soon we will be putting up lawns signs soon to let not only the residents but also the business community know that the train is coming at grade.

We encourage you to invite your neighbors and friends to a coffee. At this informal setting they will learn what the impact of a train running through here at grade every 2 1/2 minutes will have on them. Please let us know when you will have a coffee and we will have a representative there to help you. (Please see attached flyer)

We also need people to go door to door talking one on one with their neighbors. We will be having a meeting for anyone (included those who already signed up) interested in doing this. You will receive a packet with instructions and talking points.

We will also visual demonstrate the impact on traffic on the train at grade will have on our already congested streets and how it will increasing cut-through traffic. I have been contacted by both print and TV press to ask when we will be holding our demonstration.

We will be filing our lawsuit soon. Please remember we cannot do this alone we need your support.


We know times are challenging right now. Attached is a Donation Pledge form that will allow you to make monthly payments. You can write a check or go to and click donate. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to donate.

Because we are tax deductable we are keeping a list of who contributes what.

What is the cost of NOT increasing cut-through traffic in our community

What is the cost of having emergency vehicles able to reach you without an added delay of waiting for a train to pass

What is the cost to be able to get on to Overland, Westwood, Military and Sepulveda from our homes

What is the cost of a good night’s sleep not hearing bells and whistles

What is the cost of our children’s safety


Make a donation NOW or be ready for the impact of Expo at grade in our community.


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