Today’s Headlines

  • Gov’s Plan to Gut CEQA for Development and Energy Projects Gets a Pilot (Desert Sun
  • Chief Beck a "Big Fan" of Bicycle Patrols (CNN)
  • Want to Triple Job Creation in the Next Stimulus for CA?  Spend it on Transit, Not Highways (Switchboard)
  • Prius Driver Still in Shock His Car Isn’t Cool Anymore (Daily News)
  • Living Near Freeways Causes Hardened Arteries, Strokes, in SoCal (Times)
  • Living Near Transit Reduces Your Chance of Facing Foreclosure (Chicago Sun Times
  • Pico and Sepulveda Hot Again (City Watch)
  • The Lake Wobegon Effect: Why We Need Texting-While-Driving Bans With Teeth (Cyclelicious)
  • Mayor, Council President Ready for "All My Children" Debut (Daily News)

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    The multi-Emmy winning, quality “reality-competition” show, “The Amazing Race” kicked off its 16th season on Sunday.

    It started in Downtown Los Angeles with the racers forced to go to LAX to catch flights to Chile where the first leg would be run. (Note: The first leg pit stop was in Valparaíso, Chile, which Phil Keoghan said is called the “San Francisco of South America”. There are Angel’s flight “funiculars” which help the locals travel through the city.

    What made this episode so special was that for the first time they had to take PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION to the airport.

    Most teams made their way to Union Station. Some teams took the Flyaway bus. Other teams look like they took the Blue Line to the Green Line to the shuttle bus.

    It was great to see Los Angeles public transportation highlighted in this way.

    I have always loved this show. Episode 1 may be watched online for those who have not seen it yet.

  • The show reinforced the idea that you should not take public transit to the airport because it’s so hard.

  • Actually, it wasn’t hard. The teams who took the Fly Away did so quickly and efficiently.

    But, you are right. The show implied that having to take public transit was a huge burden and challenge in Los Angeles. (The Amazing Race teams routinely are told they have to ride public transit is other locations all over the world.)

    But that public transportation was even acknowledged in Los Angeles is a step up in visibility.