Today’s Headlines

  • Conservative News Outlets Go After Lowenthal Parking Bill (Fox News, California Chronicle)
  • He Can’t Catch a Break in His Local Paper, Either (Press-Telegram)
  • Some City Council Members Fighting for Jobs Despite  Dire Budget (Times)
  • Two Councilmen Pushing $30 Million, 2-Mile Bike Path Extension (Westside Bikeside)
  • What Time Do You Want Your CicLAvia (CicLAvia)
  • Metro Leaves Customers Stranded with No News When Red Line Breaks Down (Bus Bench)
  • Ridley=Thomas Calls for Audit of Metr’s Cost Managemrnt Practices (The Source)
  • City Plans to Expand Red Light Program (Times)
  • Thursday: Final Meeting for Grand Avenue Linear Park (Blogdowntown)
  • Bloomberg: Success of Car-Free Broadway Not Just About Effects on Traffic (City Room, Post)
  • Drum Major Institute: Congestion Pricing the Only Way to Stave Off Transit Catastrophe (HuffPo)
  • Sure, Slime Molds Can Design Transit Networks, But Can They Fund Them? (Freakonomics)

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  • Chewie

    Please post comments on that Press Telegram story (it’s easy). Politicians read their local papers. It’s also a chance to speak to a different, more general audience than you see on Streetsblog.

    Take the debate to the people!

  • Omri

    Didn’t you guys have major floods just a few weeks ago? Is there nobody in the readership in these papers who understands why parking lots are bad for flood risk????

  • Chewie,

    Your wish is my command.


  • Im finally going to get a drivers license, and was doing the practice test online, which reminded me of this website:

    6. It is illegal to park your vehicle:
    In an unmarked crosswalk
    Within three feet of a private driveway.
    In a bicycle lane

    Why is parking legal in a bike lane (unless posted otherwise)?