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  • Eastside Extension Raising Ridership on Original Gold Line (Curbed)
  • Transportation Improvements Not Coming Downtown Anytime Soon (Downtown News)
  • Now Long Beach Is Adding Bike Boxes (LAist)
  • Cell Service Coming to L.A. Subways? (Times)
  • L.A. Seeing Rise in Red Light Camera Revenue (Times)
  • Christmas Eve Drunk Driving Arrests Doubled in 2009 (LA Now)
  • New CA Laws for 2010…Easier to Get License Back After DUI (Napa Valley News)
  • "Crazy Basket Bridge" Chosen for Foothill Extension Over the 210 (Curbed)
  • Gold Line Extension Used for Eastside Tour of Nacimientos (Times)
  • At Least There Were No Dogs Involved: Star Running Back Receives No NFL Suspension for Drunken Hit and Run (Courthouse News)

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