Bike Talk Moves to Pacifica Radio, 90.7 F.M., Tonight


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A hearty congratulations to our friends at Bike Talk for their big move to live, broadcast radio at Pacifica Radio, 90.7 for a one hour show beginning at 11:00 P.M. tonight.  They have an all-star lineup of guests, which naturally means that I’m included, as well as author Jeff Mapes, the LACBC’s Aurisha Smolarski and many others.  Of course, they’ll also be looking for the community to call in, which you can at (818) 985-5735.  Jim C. sent out an announcement over email, the text of which can be found after the jump.

Hey Spokes Folks,

It’s Jim C. here, and I’m writing to invite, no, to convince you to be heard – and not just by the online Bike Talk group this week.  This coming Tuesday, December 29th, Bike Talk will get its first live broadcast show on KPFK, 90.7 FM from 11PM til midnight Pacific Time – you can check them out here

Who listens to the radio these days?  Well, you might be
surprised.  KPFK is a groundbreaking Pacifica station that broadcasts
many great shows including my personal favorite, ‘Democracy Now!’ – here
is a link to the KPFK wikipedia page.  KPFK is considered a progressive
radio station that leans a little farther left than other media

OK, so now you know the setup.  How can you help?  We’ll be talking about most things bike, starting with a brief synopsis of bike-friendliness in cities by author Jeff Mapes (Pedaling Revolution), and followed by a short critique of bike-friendliness
in LA and what the city is doing to address cyclists’ issues with its
proposed Bicycle Master Plan.  This is where we need you to call in –
(818) 985-5735.  

What would you like to see improved in our city?  Most of the
listeners of this show will probably be driving in their automobiles. 
We want to bridge the gap between drivers and cyclists, so let’s talk
about what we want to see, not what we battle.  We should save the
fight for the next show – our focus with this show is to celebrate the
bicycle and how it improves the quality of our lives.  So call in and
address the Bicycle Master Plan – (818) 985-5735, and tell us your
ideas for improving cycling in our city.

We’ll be following up these segments with some bicycle culture, a year-end review from Streetsblog‘s
Damien Newton, calendar and news, and hopefully, some bicycle back
story combined with clips from our interview with Richard Schwinn. 

We can’t wait to hear from YOU!

-Jim C
Bike Talk! and Orange 20 Bikes


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Bike Talk on Kill Radio

Interviews bike experts, activists and artists and takes calls from bike enthusiasts every week. Also gives info on bike rides, routes, technology, and news, and is available at or Contact:

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