It’s the opening of the "Yay for Motorists! Nay for Cyclists!" Griffith Park Light Festival.

The DWP, in an effort to help the City of LA become "America’s
Greenest City," has banned cyclists from the auto-centric,
environmental nightmare known as the Griffith Park Light Festival.

This year approximately half million people will arrive at Griffith
Park, the largest urban wilderness park in the country, while they will
sit in idling automobiles for 90 minutes while they wait for their
opportunity to drive through the one-mile long Festival of Lights.

Join us as we once again adorn ourselves in the appropriate holiday
decorations and ride through the gridlock, sharing holiday goodwill and
cheer with all those trapped in their fossil fuel burning, infernal
combustion machines of horror.

Bring a thermos, a flask, a friend or two and some bail money.
After all, cyclists are forbidden from riding in the Griffith Park
Light Festival! Holidays are for motorists!

We meet at the Mulholland Fountain at the SW corner of Los Feliz
Boulevard and Crystal Springs/Riverside Drive at 6:30 pm. We ride @
7:00 pm. (3700 Los Feliz Blvd. LA, CA


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