Streetscast: Bill Rosendahl on Transportation Issues Within His District

9_18_09_Braude_Bike_Path.jpgAt the opening of the Braude Bike Path in 2007.

Today marks the third and last part of our three-part interview with City Council Transportation Committee Chair Bill Rosendahl.  Today we’re discussing some high profile local transportation issues that directly effect his West L.A. City Council District. 

I ran into Rosendahl twice in my first couple of weeks reporting on transportation issues for Street Heat.  The first time was at a public meeting on the Expo Line.  The second was a contentious public meeting on the plan to change traffic patterns and eliminate peak-hour street parking along Pico and Olympic Boulevards.

But before we get to those issues I asked the Councilman about the status of some of his favorite, and least favorite, projects within his district.  His answers somewhat surprised me because I oftentimes expect in these interviews to just be spoon-fed the answers that "I want to hear," but the Councilman had no problem discussing some road widenings that would not make the Streetsblog list of favorite projects.  He also has no problem taking a couple of jabs at the "Great City of Santa Monica" as he phrases it.

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Next, Rosendahl gives us an overview of the status of the proposed Pico-Olympic Plan.  Since the last time we checked in, the politics of the plan have changed.  Former Fifth District Councilman Jack Weiss was a major proponent of the plan, but new Councilman Paul Koretz has joined Rosendahl in opposing the plan.  With no local political support, the Mayor is now alone in pushing the project forward.  According to Rosendahl, not even the LADOT likes the plan.


And of course, there’s also the Expo Line.  While the Fineal Environmental Impart Report for Phase II, the part that would run through his district, is available there are still some issues that need to be resolved.   For example, the Councilman wants grade-separated light rail and doesn’t mind that it will cost extra funds to get "the project done right."



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