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Back in late May, the City of Los Angeles released the maps that will be the backbone for the city’s newest Bike Plan on a Friday afternoon.  Before the weekend was over, members of the bike community throughout the city responded with anger and frustration that the new maps appeared to be a rollback of the existing plan and was anything but visionary.  Knowing that Alta Planning, the consultants for the project, are considered some of the most visionary bike planners in America; accusations that the City heavily edited and redacted Alta’s work were common.

Thanks to the work being done at Communities for Transportation Choice, we’ll have a chance to see how true that charge is.

Regular Streetsblog contributor Joe Linton and author and advocate Eric Knutzen through public information requests have gotten their hands on the original documents submitted by Alta Planning from the Planning Department and are posting the documents online as fast as they can scan them.  After the documents are online, they’ll provide some analysis and opinion on what these documents show us.

And, scanning documents can be a slow process so if anyone has a scanner and some free time, they should contact Eric and Joe here.  Now if only they could find out when the rest of the plan will be released and public hearings scheduled.  Last we heard, the plan would be released at the end of July or early August and hearings would be at the end of last month.


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