Today’s Headlines

  • LAPD Might Need Interim Chief (Times)
  • Bike Film Festival! (Examiner, Pop and Hiss, LAist)
  • Ridley-Thomas Holds Crenshaw Update (Curbed)
  • Metro Gets a C- in BRU Survey (BRU Blog)
  • Neighborhood Council Wants to Take the Cars Out of the Festival of Lights (MetBlogs)
  • Trade Groups, Truckers Warn Ports to Stop Pushing ‘Clean Trucks’ (Times)
  • Prankster Hilariously Changes "Unnecessary" Crosswalk Signs (KNBC)
  • Pedestrian Killed by Metrolink Train in S.B. County (Times)
  • Krugman: Potential U.S. Market for HSR Bigger Than Any European Nation’s
  • Bike Theft Victims Find Justice Through the Web (WSJ)
  • jj

    Those crosswalk signs are indeed useless and a waste of taxpayer money

  • M
    A guy that was asked to show his ticket yesterday at the North Hollywood Station was tasered and died after not responding to the sheriffs request.

    Also, do I really need to show my ticket to Cubic employees near the turnstiles? They aren’t sheriffs and from what I understand I don’t need to show my ticket to any random person that asks to see it. Those people are pretty aggressive, let me tell you. And I already missed my train due to messed up foot traffic patterns due to turnstile installations! Go Metro and waste your life standing at an underground platform!

  • The BRU says their survey proves their point about Metro bus service.

    Don’t they realize that their “postcard survey” is automatically biased and will have zero effect on Metro’s board of directors?

    With all the grant money they get …
    … they can’t afford to have a real survey done by a credible company? Or is it that they are afraid an unbiased survey will show precisely what they DON’T want it to show?

  • Also the BRU is touting a report they paid Ryan Snyder to write touting bus over rail. Snyder is well known as being anti-rail, prominent so for over 10 years. And hie credentials as some sort of urban policy guru are suspect to me after his much promoted elevated veloway for West L.A. never came to fruition after wasting scads of study funds from various public sources. So the report already has baggage that makes it hard to take seriously.

  • Well, I give the BRU an ‘F’. My grade for them is about as relevant as their grade for anything.

  • Erik G.

    Just walk past the smartly dressed people who are in florescent vests. Are the vest stolen off a parked bus? Could easiily be…we cannot be sure.

    I did and there was nothing they did or could do to stop me. I also made a point of going back and asking them why they were not displaying ANY badge or identification and then went to my train again having still not shown them anything.

    Be sure to send a complaint to Metro as I have, and to ask them to have ticket checks done by trained, uniformed and badged L.A. sheriffs and Metro operators only.

    The apparent policy of getting passengers accustomed to being barked at and told what to do by people wearing nothing but street clothes and a florescent vest is something Metro’s “anti-terrorist” policymakers ought to think long and hard about.

  • Erik G.


    The San Bernardino line Metrolink train (#324, the 5pm out of LAUS) hit the tespasser at Azsusa Blvd. in Covina, in Los Angeles County.

    The 626 and the 909 already have enough trouble getting recognized as part of L.A. County without you!

  • Eh, I’d probably give Metro a B-.

  • Let’s not overlook that Krugman blog from the New York Times.

    Paul Krugman is frequently champions alternatives to car culture lifestyles and for improved rail and other transit in America.