Today’s Headlines

  • NYT Op-Ed: No Need to Conserve, Chicken Little; There’s Plenty of Oil Out There
  • Despite Massive Cuts Statewide, Legislators Find Cash to Give Raises to Their Staff (Daily News)
  • Bicycle Fixation Makes the Business Case for Bike Facilities (LA Business Journal)
  • Creak Freak Makes the Water Case for Bike Facilities
  • Rustic LA County Communities "The Lakes" Fear Approaching Development (Times)
  • Auto Industry Wonders About Sales Post-Clunkers (Daily News)
  • Cutting School Buses a Bad Idea (Moderate Voice)
  • Looking for Bike Parking Around the World (WashCycle via
  • Cycling Medics Save Time, and Lives, in London (Daily Kos)
  • Folks need to see this–Cubic’s COMPASS card, much like TAP, is having troubles in its roll out in San Diego County. What a surprise, right?

    Also LADOT CityRide conversion to TAP is not as smooth as this Daily News piece tries to make it seem. I read the letter LADOT sent (a member brought it to the last SO.CA.TA meeting) and it is confusing, poorly worded, etc. They want you to send a check to get six months of Metro passes but it isn’t clear whether this would be to be loaded on a TAP senior/disabled card you have obtained or would LADOT provide the card. Process is no explained. Very screwed up.