Jay Leno Plays Vehicular Manslaughter for Laughs

According to Movieline (via New York Mag),
Jay Leno’s new prime time show, set to debut on NBC in September,
hasn’t exactly been generating a lot of buzz. But since nothing says
funny like a grisly hit-and-run, this promo, co-starring Fred Armisen
of "Saturday Night Live," should turn things around.

I’m pretty sure Leno has never gotten as much as a chuckle from me, I
understand where the humor is supposed to be here. Yet for some reason the laughter isn’t coming.

Somewhere, though, I imagine pedestrian-hater Robert Novak is yukking it up.


Complete Streets Legislation Clears Legisalture

A Complete Street in Portland Last week, the state legislature finally passed AB 1358, The Complete Streets Act.  This legislation would require that all modes of transportation be given equal consideration when Caltrans or any other government body in California spends funds on a road project. Other states that have passed similar legislation include Oregon, […]

Does Metrolink Disaster Point to Need for Grade Separated Expo?

Yesterday afternoon, the City Council Transportation Committee heard testimony about the response of emergency responders to the September 12th Metrolink crash.  Towards the end of the hearing, a fiery Bill Rosendahl sounded off about the need to place a higher priority on safety when building new rail projects.  His comments were clearly directed at the […]

Modern Family’s Streetsblog Episode

Last night, ABC’s sit-com Modern Family showed “Slow Down Your Neighbors,” a re-run of an episode that deals with both the joys of cycling and the danger that speeding drivers create on local streets.  A show that takes place in Los Angeles that shows children biking to school to fit in with the cool crowd […]

Cartoon Tuesday: Jay Leno Drives Foothill Transit’s Electric Bus

Not quite a cartoon, but today we feature a comedian. Watch the above 2012 video from Jay Leno’s Garage where Leno learns the ins and outs of the latest in electric bus technology, specifically Foothill Transit’s electric buses manufactured by Proterra which recently introduced an upgraded model. The bus features a steel-free balsa wood and fiberglass […]

Gov.’s Newest Transit Raid Receiving a Frosty Reception

Schwarzenegger at October’s Alt-Car Expo in Santa Monica. Photo: Automobile Blog As Governor Schwarzenegger presses forward with his newest scheme to rob funds dedicated to transit, he’s receiving a frosty response from legislators and opinion makers that could spell doom for this plan to balance the budget.  After the State Supreme Court agreed with every […]