Welcome to the Blogroll: Bus Riders Union


Last month, the Bus Riders Union quietly opened its own blog to further push its advocacy efforts online.  While there’s nothing that is technilogically amazing about the blog, if anyone remembers what the BRU’s website looked like two years ago when I first arrived or last year during the "No on the Six" campaign, it’s nice to see a more professional looking website with regular updates.

As you would expect, the BRU Blog focuses on their advocacy efforts by covering their events and posting videos from testimony at Metro Board meetings.  What drew my attention to the blog today was a post from the Metro Library linking to a post by Esperanza Martinez that was a "Streetsblog Style" post looking at how the media is beginning to cover transit differently than in year’s past.

As our fight for our
Clean Air and Economic Justice Plan continues, we are also building our
understanding of what other cities and agencies are doing to push the
bounds of what we think is possible in the realm of public
transportation. Critical factors that shape the BRU’s programmatic
demands – auto restriction, bus-centered system with bus only lanes and fare reductions as a means to free fares

Whether you’re a BRU supporter, hater or just casual observer; you can now easily follow the BRU’s efforts and messaging online.


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