BYO Bike Lanes Coming Soon

Via Gizmodo: A laser device that allows cyclists to project their own bike lanes has gone from cool idea to prototype. Positive reponse to the concept from Alex Tee and Evan Gant of Altitude Inc. was significant enough to put LightLane into production. See the beta version in action above. Thoughts?

  • David Galvan

    Very cool.

    I’d love to see them do a test of its effectiveness at increasing the distance between car and cyclist. They should pick a route, then have the cyclist ride that route without the laser device but with a video camera to observe the car-cyclist distance when cars pass the cyclist. Maybe do that 3-5 times as a control. Then ride the same route with the video camera AND the laser device 3-5 times. Extract observations of the car-cyclist distances from each case, and see if drivers tend to give the cyclist more space when the laser device is used.

    Also, I noticed that the lasers could still be clearly seen even when illuminated by car headlights on the street. Are they still visible in daylight?

  • Mark Brown

    This is an awesome idea! One of the best yet to protect cyclists from dangerous encroachment into their riding space by motorists. I am very very impressed! I am an urban planner who works on bicycle transportation policies and provisions and will try to find ways to promote this device as well as enhanced education about bicyclist spacing.


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