LADOT Converts Former Meters Into Bike Racks in Hollywood (Updated 12:49)

6_24_09_bike_rack.jpgPhoto: Eric Garcetti

(Update: We’re getting word that these racks have also popped up on Flower Street and Ventura Boulevard.  One person was so excited he wants to know where to send a "thank you" note to LADOT.  If you’re the first to send in a picture of meters in an area there’s a Streetfilms T-Shirt in it for you.  We’ll post a composite series on Friday)

In my first post of 2009, I asked readers what they wanted me to cover and discuss in the new year.  One reader pointed out that with the city’s change to meterless parking, a lot of bike parking was removed.  It may have taken half a year, but the LADOT has installed fifty-two of what their calling "meter hitches" on former parking meter polls on Hollywood Boulevard between LaBrea and Vine to create new bike parking. 

These new "hitches" have been used in other cities as they modernize their street parking so cyclists have as many places to park their bikes as before.  LADOT implied at last week’s Transportation Committee meeting that hundreds more of these "hitches" are just waiting to be put up.

A statement from Garcetti’s office is available after the jump.  If you see more of these racks pop up around the city please, let us know.


HOLLYWOOD — In an effort to help Angelenos choose alternative modes of
transportation, Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti today
announced the installation of more than 50 new bicycle racks on
Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea and Vine.  Working with the city’s
Department of Transportation, Garcetti developed a pilot program that
transformed into bicycle racks parking meters made obsolete by the
city’s new Park-and-Pay system.

“This new program will provide more bicycle parking to make it easier
for residents and visitors who want to use bikes to get around the
neighborhood,” said Council President Garcetti.  “We want to make it
as easy and attractive as possible for people to ride a bike rather than
drive a car, especially for short trips.”

To expand bicycle parking capacity, the Los Angeles Department of
Transportation is installing “meter hitches” that convert the poles
of former parking meters into bike racks.  The racks have a central
vertical pole with two half circles extending outward on either side so
that multiple bicycle locks can clasp to the pole. On top of the pole is
a small metal sign of a bicycle, denoting the pole as bicycle parking.
(See attached photo.)  Fifty-two meter hitches were installed last night
as part of the first phase of the program.

"LADOT is encouraging people to stay healthy, and reduce traffic
congestion along with pollution, by taking advantage of the new bicycle
racks in Hollywood. Be sure to ride safely" said Rita L. Robinson, LADOT
General Manager.


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