Today’s Headlines

  • SCAG Debating How to Implement SB 375 (Desert Sun)
  • Bike Week Rolls in Pasadena (SGV Tribune)
  • "Highway Users" Encouraged by President’s Budget (PR Newswire)
  • CA and FL Most Likely to Receive High Speed Rail Funds (CAHSR)
  • Showdown Between House and Senate Over TEA Bill? (Infrastructionist)
  • Assemblyman Wants More Funding for Existing Bike Trail Maintentance (SC Signal)
  • Road Construction Driving Businesses’ to Ruin (Whittier Daily News)
  • KTLA morning news had a news segement this morning on using a bicycle as part of a one’s lifestyle as part of Bike Week in Pasadena.

    I will say this for KTLA morning news. They speak of transit and bicycles and non-automobile forms of transportation respectfully, rather than dismissively.