Bike Friendly Friday: Culver City

4_17_09_culver_city.jpgRidazz Gather for September 2007 "Swarm the Pier" Ride in Culver City. Image: Gary S7ven

For many cyclists that don’t live in Culver City, a discussion of bikes centers around two bike trails: the Ballona Creek Bike Path and the planned, funded but not approved Expo Bike Path.  However, Culver City is working and planning to become the kind of bike-town that could rival Santa Monica for top spot on the Westside.

However, Culver City has a lot of work to do.  By the city’s own admission, "Culver City’s surrounding geography has led to the development of an
irregular (broken-grid) roadway network which presents unique
challenges for non-motorized transportation."  As any psychologist can tell you, the first step is admitting you have a problem.  The second step is figuring out what to do.

Enter Culver City’s new Bicycle and Pedestrian Initiative.  While they are still months from a final plan, and haven’t really gotten into the public outreach phase, the signs are good that Culver is taking this challenge seriously.  First, they hired the well regarded planning group Alta Planning and Design.  While the public process for the L.A. City Bike Master Plan has come under heat, that had a lot more to do with the city than it did the agency which has won high marks for writing these sorts of plans for Portland, Berkely and around the country.

Thus far, Culver City is still in the information gathering stage.  If you live, bike through, or walk in Culver City you should take a second to fill out their survey.  They may have a strong list of bike advocates on their advisory committee, including Tour De Ballona ride leader Dino Parks, but they still need your help.

As the plan progresses, we’ll check back in and see how Culver City’s doing in their quest to become a Bike Town.

  • Michael

    Wow, I’m really happy to see this. As a Culver City resident, I contacted a member of the Culver City City Council last year to inquire about bike lanes and how to put in my two cents. Sadly, I got unbridled hostility. Instead of helpful information, O’Leary threatened me. Glad to see there’s someone in CC government a little more open-minded.

  • KateNonymous

    We used to live in the area. There was a bike/jogging path along much of the median of Culver Blvd. Then they tore up Culver Blvd. Are they restoring the bike/jogging path?

  • Bob Bobberson

    Downtown Culver City is probably the most unfriendly pedestrian city in SoCal. They issue more jaywalking tickets then anywhere else in California. The reason people jaywalk…because the pedestrian lights are timed so damn poorly.

    To make matters worse, once they moved where Washington curved the intersections got even worse for pedestrians.

    Indeed there is a problem!

  • hi kate – yes, they did restore the culver blvd bike path. it was temporarily un-earthed as a part of the 405 widening project. it is rideable now (in culver city boundaries).

    i think heading westward its still a little choppy.

  • Tomorrow the final walkthroughs for the Culver City Bike plan. They are meeting at 10 am at the corner of Madison and Culver next to the Post Office

    Saturday, May 16th – the final audits will be conducted.
    10:00am – 12:00pm:
    Downtown Culver City

    2:00pm – 4:00 pm:
    Bike Audit – Physical project alignment


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