Today’s Headlines

  • Inside the Valley’s Crosswalk Sting (SoapBoxLA)
  • Drunk Driver Kills Angels’ Pitcher (Times, Daily News)
  • D.A. Investigates Brown Act Violations (Times)
  • Obama Won’t Raise Gas Tax (Reuters)
  • Speed Limit to Be Lowered on Section of Bay Bridge (SF Examiner)
  • Why Did the NY Times Focus on Drunk Cyclists? (NYC Streetsblog)
  • Michigan State Columnist Slams Cyclists, Gets Eaten Alive in Comments (State News)

    Here’s a link to something on Streetcars I received today. Streetcars have tremendous potential in Los Angeles, particularly in places that will never see heavy or light rail.

    I’m imagining a Ventura Blvd. Streetcar, a Burton/3rd St. Streetcar and a Sunset Blvd. Streetcar right now, not to mention Broadway downtown..