Today’s Headlines

  • Supes Approve Downtown Park (Daily News)
  • Last Night Was the Last of This Round’s Pico-Olympic Meetings (Curbed)
  • LAist Mocks Mag. for Saying LA is 14th Most Walkable City in U.S.
  • Weiss’ Campaign Website Embellishes Times Story (Times)
  • Williamsburg Walks Is Coming Back for Another Summer of Car-Free Saturdays (Bklyn Paper)
  • Driving Kills Millions of Animals Every Year, Walking Doesn’t (Salon)
  • MSNBC Makes the Case for Bicycling, Sort of…(MSNBC)
  • Orphan Road Ponders the Future of Mixed-Use Development in Seattle (via
  • angle

    I tried to leave a comment on the MSNBC story, but it was apparently rejected. I was civil, but critical of the fact that the author implied that a carbon-fiber bike, extra-foamy mocha lattes and a fractured arm were all part of the cost of bicycle commuting.

    These are the kinds of misleading articles that help people to dismiss cycling as an extremist, niche activity.