Today’s Headlines

  • Fiscal Crisis Complicates State’s Enviro. Goals (NYT)
  • Report on Expo Phase II Meeting at Cheviot (Curbed)
  • City Considering Privatizing Parking Meters (Times, Daily News)
  • Obama Calls for Carbon Cap, Fuel-Efficient Cars in Address to Congress (Grist)
  • Autopia Publishes a Plea to End Auto Dependence
  • Traffic on the Westside Only Getting Worse (Examiner)
  • How Should Stim Funding for High-Speed Rail Be Spent? (NPR)
  • LaHood Hints at Greater Federal Support for Urban Transit Systems (TOW)
  • Arizona to Consider Idaho-Style ‘Rolling Stop’ for Cyclists (Tucson Bike Lawyer via
  • Great article on Autopia. I particularly liked the quote of Transportation planner Timothy Papandreou (used to head up LA MTA)

    “There’s this cycle of automobile dependency,” he said. “You have to have a place to park at home, a place to park at work, and a place to park at retail establishments.” In an absurd “market distortion,” cities have become places where “cars have a right to housing and people don’t.”

    I contend yet again that by removing street parking and forcing parking into private lots that control pricing we can easily get congestion pricing all over LA without a lot of advance technology. Forcing people to think long and hard about driving and turn to mass transit or biking or walking instead.