Metro Considers 4 Alternatives for Gold Line Extension


Metro is ready to hit the ground running in 2009.  Staff is prepared to offer 4 alternatives to extending the Gold Line at this month’s Metro Board meeting following the formal unveiling at next week’s Planning and Programming Committee Meeting.

With the Alternatives Analysis now completed, we are one step closer to seeing the Gold Line penetrate deeper into the Eastside than its current alignment.  The next step would be for Metro to select a locally preferred alternative from one of the four routes remaining.

The four routes still being considered, hot off Metro’s press release presses, are:

  • SR-60: This
    alignment generally follows the southern edge of the SR-60 Freeway within the
    existing right-of-way. It would terminate just west of the I-605/SR-60
    interchange. This alternative would follow the slope of the freeway and become
    elevated over freeway ramps.
  • Beverly: This alignment follows SR-60 for a short
    stretch before traveling south on Garfield Avenue to connect with Beverly
    Boulevard. On Beverly Boulevard, this alignment continues east, using the
    Whittier Greenway to terminate at Whittier Boulevard. This alternative is
    primarily at-grade (street level) with short elevated structures along Garfield
    Avenue and at the San Gabriel River.
  • Beverly/Whittier: This alignment is the same as the
    Beverly alternative until reaching Montebello Boulevard where it heads south to
    Whittier Boulevard. Once on Whittier Boulevard, this alignment becomes elevated
    to cross two rivers and the I-605 freeway, ending at-grade in the city of
  • Washington: This alignment follows SR-60 to Garfield Avenue, traveling
    south to Washington Boulevard. From there, the alignment continues east to the
    city of Whittier. This alternative is elevated along parts of Garfield Avenue
    and all of Washington Boulevard to eliminate conflict with truck traffic in the
    Washington Boulevard corridor.

In addition to Los Angeles, the
study also includes 12 municipalities and parts of unincorporated L.A. County.


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