The Stupidest Billboard in Los Angeles

This Billboard Creates an Obstacle Course Like Feel Adjacent to Culver Blvd.

As the City Council prepares to debate an ordinance restricting "supergraphic" billboards city-wide, our old friend Stephen Box sends along what could be the worst-placed billboard in all of Los Angeles.

From Soap Box LA:

The City of Los Angeles, in its infinite benevolence, has long fought
to maintain immunity from liability for the Class I "Bike Path"
facilities such as the one pictured above, holding that they are trails
used for recreational activity and, as such, the user is responsible
for any risk or injury.

At a glance, it is evident that this
Bike Path is actually a well designed multi-use slalom course, popular
with the daredevil baby carriage pushing crowd and probably popular
with extreme dogwalkers and cyclists who who like to live on the edge.

this Billboard was built on this land. It either had a permit or it
didn’t. If it has a permit, the person who issued this permit should be
held accountable for their actions. If it doesn’t have a permit, the
billboard should be removed, posthaste!

I would add that if this billboard did receive a permit to be built as it is pictured above, whoever issued the permit should be removed, posthaste!


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