Rosendahl Slams Dodgers, Future of Shuttle in Doubt?


Tucked away at the end of last week’s City Council meeting was an update on the Dodger Shuttle, the city-provided bus service to Dodger Stadium that ran for the second half of the baseball season and the playoffs.  In brief, the program was an overwhelming success.  Transporting over 700 riders each way, the program averaged 1,406 total boardings per game.

However, as often happens with transit programs, success breeds funding problems.  In this case, the need for more shuttles, and the Dodgers playoff run, ballooned the cost to the city, which provided the shuttles for free with no financial support from the Dodgers, from $70,000 to $150,000.  The cost of providing the shuttles for next season, even taking into account the new proposed fare of $3 for a round trip ticket is over $380,000.

For at least one City Councilman, that cost may be too high.  City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who was very critical of the Dodgers for not ponying up some funds for the pilot project this season, pressed the LADOT on Friday on whether the Dodgers were going to be any more giving next season, the answer?  Not likely.

With Downtown Businesses taking a lead by funding more the extended hours for DASH and Metro trains on weekends, the likelihood that the shuttle will continue during a budget crisis is somewhat dimmed.  With all of the public relations surrounding the launch of the shuttle, it’s unlikely that the city would just let it fall to the wayside completely, but to have the transit service that the city needs it will probably involve some investment from the Trolley Dodgers, an investment beyond writing press releases and designing a trolley logo.

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  • There’s a big benefit to the City paying for it and for Dodger fans to take it. As a season ticket holder (we don’t do anything else during the rest of the year) I’ve sat through traffic before and during the trolley.

    If there were more trolleys and bigger push for people to use them, then there would be less cars heading up to the Ravine. This could make the whole area less congested and Metro and DASH buses able to get past the whole mess more quickly.

    You know what finally made the trolley better than taking the car? The day the trolley drivers figured out they could drive up most of the way using the turn lane. Give the Trolleys and regular BUS traffic their own lane and you’ll see happy trolley riders and jealous car drivers.

    How about that…LOL! Dedicated Dodger Trolley Lane! Call it the Blue Lane. I’ll buy some paint and do it myself.

    However…a dedicated transit line (maybe Light Rail) would be nice. If Manny gets a big contract we can call it the Manny Line!

    (Just a personal aside: Had the Trolley not been around last season I don’t know how I would have gotten up the hill during my last three months of my pregnancy, or once Iolani was first born – her first game was she was barely a month old)


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