City’s Bike Master Plan to Be Unveiled in January


(Editor’s Note: This is the fourth in a five part series examining the five bike-related items on this Friday’s City Council Transportation Committee Agenda.  The first piece looked at the city’s bike sharing program, the second discussed the Bike Rider’s Bill of Rights, and yesterday’s looked at bike licensing
If you want to join a group of cyclists traveling to the meeting, meet
at the Red Line Stop at Santa Monica and Vermont Boulevards at noon this Friday.)

Initially, a lot of people in the bike community were happy to see an update to the City’s Bike Master Plan on the agenda for tomorrow’s Bike Themed City Council Hearing.  However, unless LADOT brings materials that aren’t available in the update prepared for the City Council dated November 5 of this year.

The three page update doesn’t even begin discussing work on the current plan until page 2, and a third of the last page is blank, leaving a page and two thirds to update the City Council on what work has been done in the past 10 months.  I don’t mean to sound as though nothing has happened, everything I’ve heard from people working on and with access to the plan have say that progress has been great and cyclists are going to be very happy when the draft plan is released in January.  According to the report, a new bikeway route network map and new policies have been drafted and are under review.

But before the public can see the plans, there’s still some more work to do.  LADOT has yet to hold public meetings on the portion of the plan dedicated to mountain biking, and draft route maps need to be prepared for the new planned bike routes, lanes and other improvements.

If you have any input for the Bike Master Plan that you haven’t yet submitted, you can do so at the website set up to gather information from cyclists at,or leave them in the comment section below.

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  • I would love to have a ballpark estimate as to how much the bike network in the plan would cost to build, with different time tables for construction based on funding.

    The Bike Plan from 1996/2002 had a bikeway network cost of $60 million over 8 to 10 years. That bike plan (stupidly) called for that money to come from sources outside the City of L.A.

    If the cost for a bikeway network can be kept as small as $60 – $150 million, phase over a decade, the City (even in a cash-strapped ear) can afford to pay for its construction out of general funds. at a rate of $6 – $15 million a year.

    We spend $70 million annually on graffiti abatement in L.A., $4 to $5 million in LADOT cops at congested intersections. Surely some local source of revenue can be found to pay for these bikeway improvements!

    If the City wants, I’ll chip in to start a fund!

  • A lot of bad typos above. My apologies.

  • I read an article yesterday about LA being an ideal place for an emerging “Green Tech Revolution” (thanks, Obama!)

    Completing, at long, LONG last, a bikeway network in Los Angeles is the easiest gimme solution that could create excellent PR and countless photo-ops for our press hungry politicians…Step One: Complete Streets.
    Finish the complete bikeway network. Introduce Bicycle Boulevards. Come on already, it’s like 30 years later….

    This is a no-brainer for City Council, and for anyone out there who wants better bike infrastructure. By using the momentum towards this new green economy, we could even call out for our piece of MTA and their Measure R pie. Wait, I mean cookies. No, pie.

    With all of the finger twiddling we’ve seen from LADOT all these years, I would like to see City Council mandate that they not only finish the original Bike Plan, but that they act with haste to complete this part of the transit solution.

    Now is the time.

    If they flub this for us again, we might have to give ole Captain Sharrows a call. If only he could teach the LADOT how easy it was to lay down a sharrow. So completely easy!


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