Cartoon Tuesday: Detroit Double-Feature


Click through for cartoonist Lisa Benson’s take on who calls the tune in Detroit (though maybe no longer in Washington).

After the jump, Pat Oliphant peers into a possibly not-too-distant future.


Click through for the writing on the … plaque.

[admin] cats: Cartoon Tuesday, Transportation Policy

  • Wow, that is a pretty messed up comic. The UAW is the problem with American automobile corporations?

    It is unreasonable to blame the workers for the strategic miscalculations of CEOs and management at these corporations.

  • ubrayj02, this is classic spin. Many on the right have a kneejerk reaction to blame the rank and file as they are seen as mostly center-left. CEOs meanwhile get a bye. Remember the attenpt to blame ACORN and the community reinvestment act for the mortgage meltdown? Ironically the fairly conservative Orange County Register has found the latter claim doesn’t hold up as to the act:


Cartoon Tuesday: More Car (Company) Trouble

Cartoonist Mark Fiore has more fun with Detroit this week. Click through for what to do when your car company breaks down. We’ve noticed that, in the midst of all the Big Three bashing, some are wondering how white-collar institutions like Citigroup can secure so much money from the feds while the blue-collar-employing automakers are […]

Cartoon Tuesday: In Which We Blog About the Other Paris

  Click through for this cartoon by Gary Varvel of The Indianapolis Star, referencing the now infamous tussle between John McCain and Paris Hilton. (And click here if you have no idea what we’re talking about.) While the ‘toon itself bears a ring of truth, the bigger irony may be that the presidential candidate who’s […]