Cycling Victim Seeks Help Finding Driver from Hit and Run

The Above Sign Was Made by Friends and Co-Workers of the Victim

Alert Streetsblog reader and member of the Ballona Creek Livable Streets Network Group Brian Treanor noticed the above sign biking home from work on the west side of Lincoln Boulevard, just south of the bridge over Ballona Creek.

I called the number on the sign and spoke to Sara, a regular bike commuter and victim from the crash.

On the morning of October 22, Sara began her regular bike commute to work.  Wearing visible clothing and a helmut, she rode a bike equipped with lights.  Riding in the bike lane on Lincoln, when she was struck from behind by a car and thrown from her bike.  Given that there were no other cars on the road at the time, the driver must not have been paying close attention because there were three empty car lanes, going south just to the left of the bike lane.

As Sara lied on the ground with a broken shoulder and a head contusion, the driver pulled over and went back to check on her.  After a brief conversation she called 911, reported the crash and drove away, leaving a wounded cyclist to deal with her medical bills herself and wait for the ambulence.

While Sara sounded in good spirits over the phone, and stressed in an email she feels lucky to be alive, she obviously wants the driver to own up to her mistake…a mistake that could easily have cost even the most careful of cyclists more than just broken bones and a contusion. 

If anyone has information on the crash, please give Sara a call at 310-210-5640.

Photo: Brian Treanor

  • Wait, the driver called 911? Request the 911 call and get the number. LAPD will probably cooperate on this, but if not you can subpoena that info.

  • sara

    Thanks Alex. Actually the driver requested to use my cell phone when I asked her to call 911. The LAPD was on fast to trace the call and I actually received a stern message from them on the phone, demanding I to return to the scene of the crime or call them.

  • Molly

    She used Sara’s phone to call 911. No such luck there.

    Sara is my sister, and she is lucky to be alive. Thank you for posting here. I’m so grateful to those of you out there trying to help find the woman who so casually ran her down and then left.

  • Damn. Well, I’m sorry you got run down like that. It must have been terrifying.

  • Adam

    Over two years ago, I was clipped from behind by the rear fender of a dually pick-up as we were both going through an intersection. Hit-n-run too and no witnesses. Funny though, it was 7AM in full-on traffic with hundreds of drivers present. So correction: no witnesses stopped or came forward.

    My wife drove up minutes after the accident and saw me lying on the side of the road face-down with passing cars less than a foot from me. She remarked on it to an officer who had also just arrived. His response? ‘Makes me want to pull out my gun and shoot some people’.

    Still riding. Got hit again two weeks ago. Now I’m even more pessimistic about drivers. Lesson learned: don’t loan the driver your cell phone.


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