Weekend Update: Tour De Ballona a Success

Streetsblog will have much more on this ride on Monday, but on behalf of the Livable Streets Network’s Concerned Byclcists of Ballona Creek, I wanted to thank the nearly 60 riders, dozens of people who dropped by, and half dozen organizations that helped make today’s event such a success. 

In particular, thanks to Anthony Perron who led the ride and Maria Massa and Joseph Pritchard who did everything from designing the posters to manning the tables today.  While a lot of people helped out, there’s just no way this ride would have been the success that it was without these three.

Above you can see a story from last nigth’s KTLA news promoting today’s ride.  Anyone intereseted in seeing some images from today’s ride should check out Streetblog’s page on Flickr.  If you’re bummed out you missed the ride, don’t be.  There will be another one soon, and for "Bike Saturday" there’s still the awesome Bike Town Beta event this evening.

  • thanks for your help in coordinating this damien. very fun.

    i liked the news “stock” bicycle path footage. i’m pretty sure they were filming along the orange line bike path in the sf valley.

  • AK

    I am happy that you are a force for good. However, your midnight screaming wakes those of us that live along the Ballona Creek.

    How would you feel if I went to your Moms house with 50 people and had them scream at midnight as they passed by.

    Also, as you entered Centinela Ave., you blocked traffic and did not let cars pass. You have become (to a lesser extent) they very people you are trying to deter. (This happened several times.)

    Put that in your pipe!


  • Joe

    @AK – you seem to assume that bicyclists aren’t traffic, no?

  • This is maybe the weirdest reply that I’ve gotten. Some angry person google “bicycle” and “ballona” late at night?

    I would be willing to wager that not one person that went on the first Tour De Ballona was on the ride you’re complaining about. There were more people on that ride over the age of forty than under the age of 25.

    This ride was in response to violence on the trail and by forging a better relationship with the LAPD Pacific Division bike cops, the organizers seem to have helped make the trail a safer place for daytime riders. In other words, while the ride was probably boosted by this blog, it was really about the trail users, many of whom are probably your neighbors, being proactive and being a force for good as you say.

    You should try it.


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