County Won’t Appeal Taco Truck Ruling. Vendors Can Stay Put.


The Great Taco Truck War of 2008 is over, and the winner is the Taco Truck.  In August, a judge ruled that a new county ordinance requiring four wheeled food vendors to move every hour or face fines up to $1000 was struck down in court.  Last Friday, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office announced it would not appeal the decision.

Supporters of the ban argued that the ordinance was a quality of life issue for residents who live near where the trucks do business at "all hours of the day and night."  So far, there’s been no discussion of what is next for efforts to regulate Taco Trucks, but urban planner James Rojas has an idea he’s pitched before; why not license the trucks and develop some street vending regulations?

Image: Mattlogelin/Flickr

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