Solo Bike Ride on the I-10

Earlier this month, one cyclist, "pb 374," was having a bad day on the bike.  He had been right hooked, the term used to describe a automobile turning right without looking and cutting off people using the bike lane, three times and wasn’t even near his final destination.  Disgusted with the state of commuting on surface streets, he did what thousands of angelenos do every day and hopped on the freeways.

While certainly not as dramatic as the early works by the Crimanimalz, this film shot by pb 374’s bike camera is more effective in making the point that bikes can move faster on freeways than cars at rush hour and that the cyclist might in fact be safer there than on the surface streets.  By providing one continuous shot, the viewer sees the rider spend quite a bit more time passing cars than vice versa.

For the record, if any freeway riders are reading this, is it "Crimanimalz" or "Crimanimals?"

  • While on I-5 enroute to San Diego from L.A. as part of a bus fan trip recently I noticed at one off ramp that was a sign that said something like “bicycyles exit here”. Evidently at least one stretch of the freeway has a bike path adjacent to it…

  • I recognize that freeway too well. The rider got on the eastbound I-10 at Bundy, crossed the 405, and exited at Overland. I’ve seen it a lot slower in the afternoon than the video showed. And whew – lane changing across freeway ramp lanes!

  • The Crimanimalz spelling is preferred.

  • i’m shocked and awed. fantastic.

  • Over the last several months I have identified several stretches of the 10 and 405 freeways here on the Westside that have not only reduced the time it takes to get from point A to B but have made it safer as well. For example getting on @ Bundy and taking the 405 south to Venice makes shaves a significant amount of time off of trips downtown It’s also downhill so most of the time you’re traveling much faster than traffic. I’m a big fan of 20th to Lincoln on the 10 and Santa Monica to Wilshire via 405 as well. I’ll try to turn my camera on more often :-)


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A reckless rider pleads guilty to assault with a deadly weapon. But does that say more about the city that charged him than the cyclists that ride there?

Yes, bike riders are subject to the same laws drivers are. Maybe Santa Monica police and prosecutors wanted to send that message loud and clear. Maybe they wanted to make an example of one reckless cyclist so other bicyclists would straighten up and ride right. But to do it, they slapped a reckless, red light […]