Mandeville Canyon Driver Has Day in Court. Out in Time for Breakfast.

Via LAist: 

Dr. Christopher Thompson, the driver in the alleged "Road Rage Crash" on July 4th in Mandeville Canyon, had his day in court today.  The good doctor pleaded innocent at 8:30 A.M., the moment the courts opened and got permission to not attend any of the future hearings after pleading innocent because the crash that left two cyclists hospitalized, one after his head smashed through his rear windshield was an "accident."

Oh, to be one of the well-connected residents of Mandeville Canyon. 

Dr. Thompson wasn’t just trying to get out of appearing in court, his lawyer and publicist also helped him avoid the press.  Thompson entered and exited through a side door and was whisked away in a black SUV, leaving his attorney to face the press. 

Thompson is charged with "felony assault with a deadly weapon."  His next hearing date is scheduled for September 12.

  • This bastard should be on trial for attempted murder. This is an embarrassment to the American justice system. He should be then tried for perjury trying to call this an “accident”. This guy is a malicious psychopath that should locked away from other humans since he has absolutely no regard for life.

  • Hiding from the press? I wouldn’t expect anything less from a coward of this caliber.

    Maybe it was a good idea this entitled rich man stayed out of public view. He’s likely to get a U-lock brandished in his direction if his photo gets out.

    A lot of bike riders develop a deep well of hatred for irresponsible motorists. I stifle my hate towards car drivers most of the time, but when you read about stuff like this it makes me wonder, “What every happened to angry mobs?”


  • C’mon now, this is L.A.

    No one really expected the criminal justice system to come through for us in this case, did they? Cyclists will never receive justice in this town until we rise up and demand it.

    Instead of sitting around bitching about this jerk, we should be talking about getting everyone we know together for a mass ride on City Hall. And I think Sept. 12 — the day the good doctor goes back to court — would be a damn good day for it.

  • Wow. Lynch mobs, guys? Really?

    You know, I was hoping this blog would be a good replacement for MetroRiderLA now that Fred’s gone on hiatus. But really, guys, is this Streetsblog or Bikeblog? I think that cycling is an important component of a livable LA, but really…

    The system here is working – he is alleged to have committed a crime, he’s on trial for it. He got indicted right quickly, I might add, so this clearly has some priority. And I might add that felony assault with the deadly weapon add-on isn’t a traffic ticket – it’s a very serious crime, one that, if he is convicted, will follow him for the rest of his life, assuming that he doesn’t die in jail.

    If he had gotten a traffic ticket in the mail, I’d agree that there was a problem. But he’s on trial for a very serious charge, and he was indicted at what in the criminal law world could be considered light speed. It’s not “cyclists” who are entitled to “receive justice” but instead the people of the state of California, and the DA’s office seems to be pretty serious about seeking said justice.

    Like over 90% of criminal trials, this case will probably plead out, but by starting from such a strong position it’s likely that even the plea will still involve admitting to a serious charge.

    By the way? Perjury is knowingly telling a misstatement when under oath. Because this guy hasn’t been sworn in as a witness, he can’t have committed perjury. Don’t throw around words you don’t know how to use.

  • I hear you Aaron. It is just really really easy to fantasize about mob justice in this instance.

  • Bob

    This guy is a HERO! Bicyclists live by the ultimate double standard, so it would be fitting if this guy is cleared.

  • Rudy

    Bob – Do you care to explain why “this guy is a hero” or what “the ultimate double standard” you state cyclist live by is? Perhaps if you backed your words up with some reasoning and logic you would add something to this debate. But until you do, your comments accomplish nothing other then perfectly articulating the poorly reasoned irrational anger certain motorists direct towards cyclists.

  • Both parties are at fault in this particular case. Both he for screaming at them and the cyclists for responding. That said, there was no justification for him slamming on his brakes and obviously causing them to hit the back of his car. Both should have been ticketed for Road Rage. As a cyclist myself, though not in L.A., I know how easy it is to be angry at the other driver. But that only makes things worse.

    I get yelled at to use the sidewalk at least once or more everyday. Most of the time, I have learned to ignore these morons.

  • susan green

    his house is up for sale!

  • Tony

    Does anyone know the status of this trial? We need to keep the media coverage up on this issue. It’s about letting both cyclists and motorists know that this kind of act is not acceptable by either side. It will also educate both sides on what is acceptable.

  • Judy



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