Earthquake….We Got an Earthquake

I just finished watching video of the City Council meeting when the earthquake hit on ABC.  Councilman Dennis Zine was speaking when the quake hit and called it while the staff urged people to stay put.  Amusingly, ABC’s downtown reporter made clear that the people milling around behind her while she gave her report from the street weren’t pedestrians, but people forced out of their building because the elevator was shut down.

Fortunately, it seems like the damage from this 5.8 rumbler was minimal.  There are no reports of problems with the subway or transit system, or on any of the roads and highways.  However, that doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly this evening and tomorrow when millions of commuters head home and then back to work.  Please feel free to use the comments section for any quake related comments and concerns or any stories that you encounter on any trips you have to make today.

For Streetsblog, I’m about to head out on my bike for a meeting and I’ll report on anything out of the ordinary I see.  If nothing else, the lack of problems on our subway system puts lie to any concerns that subways are a less safe place to be in a quake than on a street.

Now it’s up to you for the rest of the story…

  • johnny

    I think that was God’s way of telling us not to build the foothill Gold Line too far east! Eh, not really. But sometimes the struggle for better bike and transit infrastructure in LA feels like 40 years of wandering in the desert though.

    On a more serious (and relevant) note, does Damien or anyone else have any safety tips for what to do if you’re on a bike and an earthquake hits? I don’t imagine there is much you can do, but I’m not as as much of a pedalhead as the average Streetsblog reader.

  • You know what Johny, I don’t have a clue if there’s anything special you should do. I imagine that if it’s like today’s you should just be more aware and get to your destination as safely and quickly as possible. If it’s the Big One, well, that’s a different story. I’m going to ask around and do a larger story on this…

    Incidently, I just rode from my house to a meeting in Avenue of the Stars. No major changes in the commute on the Westside as a result of the shaker. Eastsiders?

  • Yeah there is something you can do while you ride your bike during a quake – thank god you’re not on an elevated highway.

  • Took the subway home from work at 6pm from Downtown to Koreatown – it was back on schedule by evening rush hour, although they were running it with low speed limits while they did an ad hoc track inspection post-quake. Apparently they suspended Metrolink service briefly at the behest of Union Pacific, but that was also back on schedule by rush hour.

    I was in a skyscraper Downtown and we definitely felt that (23rd floor), it was pretty scary for a moment there.


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