Coming Soon:Free Bus Rides to Dodger Stadium

The #4 Metro Bus Currently Rides Close to the Stadium, but There’s Still the Walk up the Hill

The LADOT and the Los Angeles Dodgers have struck a deal to bring transit back to Dodger Stadium on game day.

Starting with the first game after the all-star break and continuing through the rest of the season, buses will run from ninety minutes before gametime until roughly 60 minutes afterward. Shuttles will run every 8-10 minutes. If those 25 cent fares for DASH buses seemed to pricey, there’s good news. Because LADOT is using a charter bus service that doesn’t have fare boxes, the service will be provided for free.  You can read the LADOT’s full report here.

It’s been almost 15 years since the Dodgers, the only team to be partially named after a mode of transit, lost their transit service and this deal between the DOT and Dodgers is no guarantee it’s going to stay. The proposed service is a pilot program that unless it attracts 1,000 riders per game could be discontinued by next season. The Dodgers discontinued a Friday night only service that drew only 400 riders in 2004.

The LADOT explains the service in a report to the City Council:

The route is proposed to begin at the Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station (or at an alternative location in front of Union Station if the plaza proves to be.too congested) where it will connect to regional MTA bus and rail services, including the MTA Red, Purple and Gold Lines, Metrolink and Amtrak. The proposed route would exit the Transit Plaza on to northbound Vignes Street and turn left (westbound) on Cesar Chavez Ave. towards Dodger Stadium. Along the route the Dodger Shuttle service would make two intermediate stops on Cesar Chavez Ave.lSunset Blvd. The first intermediate stop is at Figueroa St., where the shuttle would connect with MTA Lines 2, 4, 55,60; Metro Limited Lines 302, 304 and 355; and Metro Rapid Line 704. Additionally, a connection would be made with LADOT’s DASH Lincoln Heights/Chinatown service. The second intermediate stop is at Marion Ave. where the service would connect with MTA Lines 2 and 4 arriving from the west. The shuttle route would then continue along Sunset Blvd. before turning right onto Elysian Park Avenue. The route would then enter Dodger Stadium property and travels clockwise around the stadium arriving at the Stadiurn Transit Plaza. The return trip would utilize the reverse routing.

The city deserves the full kudos for bringing transit back to the Stadium. The city’s report indicates that the Dodgers aren’t willing to chip the $170,000 it would cost to run the service for the entire season. The lowest paid player on the Dodger roster, Blake DeWitt, makes $390,000 a season. The Dodgers have promised to promote the new service.

The deal must be approved by the City Council. A committee hearing is scheduled for later this week.

Photo: Fred Camino


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