Coming Soon:Free Bus Rides to Dodger Stadium

The #4 Metro Bus Currently Rides Close to the Stadium, but There’s Still the Walk up the Hill

The LADOT and the Los Angeles Dodgers have struck a deal to bring transit back to Dodger Stadium on game day.

Starting with the first game after the all-star break and continuing through the rest of the season, buses will run from ninety minutes before gametime until roughly 60 minutes afterward. Shuttles will run every 8-10 minutes. If those 25 cent fares for DASH buses seemed to pricey, there’s good news. Because LADOT is using a charter bus service that doesn’t have fare boxes, the service will be provided for free.  You can read the LADOT’s full report here.

It’s been almost 15 years since the Dodgers, the only team to be partially named after a mode of transit, lost their transit service and this deal between the DOT and Dodgers is no guarantee it’s going to stay. The proposed service is a pilot program that unless it attracts 1,000 riders per game could be discontinued by next season. The Dodgers discontinued a Friday night only service that drew only 400 riders in 2004.

The LADOT explains the service in a report to the City Council:

The route is proposed to begin at the Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station (or at an alternative location in front of Union Station if the plaza proves to be.too congested) where it will connect to regional MTA bus and rail services, including the MTA Red, Purple and Gold Lines, Metrolink and Amtrak. The proposed route would exit the Transit Plaza on to northbound Vignes Street and turn left (westbound) on Cesar Chavez Ave. towards Dodger Stadium. Along the route the Dodger Shuttle service would make two intermediate stops on Cesar Chavez Ave.lSunset Blvd. The first intermediate stop is at Figueroa St., where the shuttle would connect with MTA Lines 2, 4, 55,60; Metro Limited Lines 302, 304 and 355; and Metro Rapid Line 704. Additionally, a connection would be made with LADOT’s DASH Lincoln Heights/Chinatown service. The second intermediate stop is at Marion Ave. where the service would connect with MTA Lines 2 and 4 arriving from the west. The shuttle route would then continue along Sunset Blvd. before turning right onto Elysian Park Avenue. The route would then enter Dodger Stadium property and travels clockwise around the stadium arriving at the Stadiurn Transit Plaza. The return trip would utilize the reverse routing.

The city deserves the full kudos for bringing transit back to the Stadium. The city’s report indicates that the Dodgers aren’t willing to chip the $170,000 it would cost to run the service for the entire season. The lowest paid player on the Dodger roster, Blake DeWitt, makes $390,000 a season. The Dodgers have promised to promote the new service.

The deal must be approved by the City Council. A committee hearing is scheduled for later this week.

Photo: Fred Camino

  • LAofAnaheim

    I wouldn’t mind buying a bit for the ride (up to $1/ride seems feasible). It’s ludicrous that the City offers this for free and then complains about lack of funding. What’s wrong with making a few extra bucks while doing this awesome service?

  • Just like Dodger Stadium got the land it sits on for next to nothing, the City of L.A. is gifting these bums a free ride.

    We own all of their access roads – throw up a gate and charge a frickin’ toll to get to their parking lot. It wouldn’t work politically, but it would raise enough money to pay for transit bonds to build access to the stadium.

  • The Dodgers should buy their own buses – wrap them in all the Dodger blue advertising they want to – and let LADOT run them. There’s a huge waiting list for new DASH routes, so it’s not cool to use up the pool.

    The Militant senses the Dodgers are preparing for some sort of transit to the stadium, be it buses or a dedicated rail line somehow — the “Next 50” improvements seem to indicate they are looking beyond parking fees as a revenue generator.

  • LAofAnaheim

    Militant…I totally agree. But, we, should not expect everything to be free. I’d be gladly willing to pay an extra .25/cents to ride DASH if they could expand their hours. Why not charge a $1/ride for more Dodger shuttle buses. Not everything has to be “free”. With all the budget problems (possibily of service cuts) and all the mess, just charge a little. $1/ride is MUCH BETTER than $20/car. Give some money to the MTA..and we may see better services!

  • Wad

    The buses do not have to be free. They could have some nominal charge, or Dodger Stadium should implement satellite parking, such as at the Coliseum, and then run the buses through downtown.

  • I think they’re planning on having them free just for the pilot program. If the program is extended for next year, there would be a charge. Garcetti told the Times that he expects there will be some sort of small fee and joked that it would be less than parking so folks can save some money for Dodger Dogs.

  • Scotty

    Most cities provide public transit to ball parks, be it football or baseball. I have ridden the CTA to Wrigley Field (on CTA special buses, not regular routes), the Muni to old Candlestick Park (NOT near any transit line), and BART to Oakland A’s games and CAL Berkely games (AC Transit runs special buses up the hill).

    If the City won’t find a new place for the Dodgers, then they need to step up to the plate, like they have now, and supply us a way to get there. The City is making a ton of tax revenues from the Dodgers, payroll taxes, etc. And on top of that, the Dodgers pay for all the City traffic control officers. The City has also forced the Dodgers to close some gates, making the traffic problem worse. I think it is a win win for everyone.

    If you do not plan to come by public transit to Union Station, there is a public parking garage under the back of Union Station. Enter off of Vignes Street, between the 101 Fwy. and Cesar Chavez. The cost is only $6 dollars. The garage is right below the Transit Plaza.

  • MA:

    The money to run the Dodger shuttles comes from a different pool of money than DASH service, and it is money that cannot be used to operate DASH or Commuter Express service.

    Read the report again. It says this very clearly.

  • Dear City Leadership,

    Dodger Stadium is nestled in the middle of an asphalt heat island which is then nestled in the middle of a residential neighborhood. This is not good for nature, it is not good for people, it is not good.

    Please figure out some form of mitigation fee and insist that the Dodger Organization pay for the negative impact on our community.

    In addition, please investigate LAMC 12.21 and determine if it applies to Dodger Stadium. If it does, please fine them for not having the appropriate bicycle parking (2% of required automobile parking) and insist that they bring the facility up to code. (bike parking no farther from the entrance than the nearest automobile space!)

    See you on the Streets!

    p.s. City Hall is out of compliance, as are most of the City facilities. Just sayin’…

  • I think that enforcement of LAMC 12.21 just became one of the high priority bike policy goals for L.A. just now.

    At least, it did for me.

    A. Use.
    4. Off-Street Automobile Parking Requirements.
    (c) For Commercial and Industrial Buildings. Except as otherwise provided in Subparagraphs (1) through and including (7) below, there shall be at least one automobile parking space for each 500 square feet of combined floor area contained within all the office, business, commercial, research and development buildings, and manufacturing or industrial buildings on any lot. (Amended by Ord. No. 177,103, Eff. 12/18/05.)

    A specific plan may impose less restrictive parking requirements, if it expressly states that the specific plan’s parking provisions are intended to supersede the standards set forth in this paragraph.

    In the case of buildings where bicycle parking spaces are required by Subdivision 16. of this subsection, the minimum number of required automobile parking spaces may be reduced by the same number as the number of bicycle spaces required for the building. (Added by Ord. No. 167,409, Eff. 12/19/91.)

    Here is Subdivision 16 of this subsection:

    16. Bicycle Parking and Shower Facilities. (Added by Ord. No. 167,409, Eff. 12/19/91.) Off-street parking spaces for bicycles and facilities for employee showers and lockers shall be provided as follows:

    (a) In the C and M zones, for any building, portion thereof or addition thereto used for non-residential purposes which contains a floor area in excess of 10,000 square feet, bicycle parking spaces shall be provided at the rate of two percent of the number of automobile parking spaces required by this section for such non-residential uses; provided, however, that at least one bicycle parking space shall be provided for any such building having a floor area in excess of 10,000 square feet of non-residential use. If the calculation of the number of required spaces under this paragraph results in a number including a fraction, the next highest whole number shall be the number of spaces required.

    (b) The bicycle parking space requirements in Paragraph (a) shall also apply to any building, regardless of zone, owned by the City of Los Angeles and used by the City for government purposes which contains a floor area in excess of 10,000 square feet.

    (c) All bicycle parking spaces required by this Subdivision shall include a stationary parking device which adequately supports the bicycle. In addition, at least half of the bicycle parking spaces shall include a stationary parking device which securely locks the bicycle without the use of a user-supplied cable or chain. Devices which hold the bicycle upright by wheel contact must hold at least 180 degrees of wheel arc.

    (d) Each bicycle parking space shall be a minimum of two feet in width and six feet in length and shall have a minimum of six feet of overhead clearance.

    (e) Bicycle parking spaces shall be located no farther than the distance from a main entrance of the building to the nearest off-street automobile parking space.

    (f) Bicycle parking spaces shall be separated from automobile parking spaces or aisles by a wall, fence, or curb or by at least five feet of open space marked to prohibit parking.

    (g) Aisles providing access to bicycle parking spaces shall be at least five feet in width.

    (h) Signage which is clearly legible upon approach to every automobile entrance to the parking facility shall be displayed indicating the availability and location of bicycle parking.

    (i) Showers and lockers shall be provided as required by Section 91.6307 of this Code. (Amended by Ord. No. 177,103, Eff. 12/18/05.)

  • Dodger Stadium’s zoning info:

    1000 W. Elysian Park, Los Angeles, CA 90026


    Assessor Parcel Number:

    Planning Area:
    Central City North

    Sadly, that A1-1XL zoning kind of kills the enforcement of LAMC 12.21.A.4c at Dodger Stadium

    I haven’t looked at a summary of zoning requirements in a year, so I might be wrong.

  • I think it might be time to amend LAMC 12.21.A.16.a to state:

    (a) In the C, M and A zones, for any building, portion thereof or addition thereto used for non-residential purposes which contains a floor area …

  • Without 12.21, we still have:

    1) Asphalt Heat Island mitigation fees…
    2) Traffic Mitigation fees…

    While we’re talking about 12.21, any word on the bike parking at the Polcie Headquarters? After all, it’s the law!

  • Polcie = Police (new headquarters)


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