Carfree Cities Conference Kicks Off in Portland

The World Carfree Network’s Towards Carfree Cities conference is underway in Portland, Oregon this week. Now in its eight year, it’s the first time the event has come to North America. Streetsblog EIC Aaron Naparstek made the trip, along with others from The Open Planning Project Livable Streets crew.

TOPP’s Nick Grossman is live-blogging the conference, and if we can get Aaron off his rental bike we’ll have coverage on Streetsblog as well.

Photo: Nick Grossman 

  • so bummed I’m not there – sounds like it should be pretty awesome.


Streetfilms: Depaving Day in Portland

Our coverage of the Toward Carfree Cities conference continues with this Streetfilm from Elizabeth Press, who brings us a unique public service project. Hundreds of conference participants helped break and remove asphalt from a 3,000 square foot parking lot. is the mastermind behind the Fargo Garden Project. They promote the removal of unnecessary concrete […]

Corrals and Oases: Bike Parking in Portland

The Bottleneck Blog isn’t the only one who can go to Portland to check out their best practices.  Here’s one more from this summer’s Carfree Cities conference week in Portland. In this Streetfilm, Greg Raisman of the Portland Office of Transportation treats Elizabeth Press to a bike parking tour, featuring two designs that make the […]

The Social Costs of Car-free Living in Small Cities

What kind of a statement does car-free living make in a small city? Today on the Streetsblog Network, Aaron Renn at The Urbanophile poses that question in a provocative post. Sure, it’s about walking the walk of sustainable transportation, he says, but it also represents a withdrawal from the community structure in places such as […]

Telling the Story of Chicago, One Train Stop at a Time

The Train Stop Guide website would allow you to rate and describe every train stop in Chicago. Image: Carfree Chicago. It’s amazing how much a strong transit system can reshape the city around it. And not just through the physical changes that transit brings, but the mental ones too. A transit system can reshape the […]

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