LABAC Recognizes Change is Coming, Endorses Reyes’ Reforms

Via Brayj Against the Machine, Ed Reyes Talks Bike Policy

Last night the Los Angeles Bike Advisory Committee, the official government body that provides the link between the city government and cyclists on the street, voted to accept all seven pieces of City Councilmember Ed Reyes’ motion, to reform the way the committee does business.

Reports from cyclists attending the meeting, including Stephen Box who organizes the “Storm the Bastille” rides to get cyclists to attend the LABAC meetings, show why such reforms are necessary.  Committee members seemed unaware that Reyes’ motion existed.  In past months, cyclists have complained that too many committee members were unaware of the controversy over the Ballona Creek Bike Trail entrance closing and even that the city was planning a new bicycle master plan. (editor’s note: I’ve gotten complaints via email from LABAC members that the LABAC has been informed and involved in the city’s Bike Master Plan from the beginning and have submitted formal comments.)

Reyes’ legislation, co-sponsored by Transportation Committee Chair Wendy Greuel, recognizes that “there are certain structural and operational changes which must be made at this time in order to allow the Bicycle Advisory Committee to reach its full potential” and makes the following changes.

Will be jointly staffed by the Department of Transportation and the City Planning Department;

A liaison from the Department of Recreation and Parks will be assigned to assist the committee as needed;

Appoint an administrative staff person to be responsible to post meeting minutes, agendas, and other support services;

Establish that any member of the Bicycle Advisory Committee may make a motion for the election of a new Chair; and that upon    

A majority vote of the members, an election for the Chair will be immediately held for a minimum term of one year; and

Require each member to have an assigned alternate member.Reyes’ motion was already passed by the Planning and Land Use Committee of the City Council.  It still needs to be heard by the Transportation Committee before the entire Council has a chance to vote on it.  Currently, there is no hearing scheduled on the legislation by the Transportation Committee.

Cyclists were also anxious to discuss the relationship between cyclists and the police given the difficult time Enci Box had filing a complaint after an incident with a Metro Bus, the lack of follow-up after Randi Cruz was rear-ended and the driver fled the scene and the needlessly rough and personal treatment Clutch received at last week’s Critical Mass ride.  Unfortunately, the LAPD didn’t send anyone to the meeting…that was held in Parkway Center, aka LAPD Headquarters.


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