South Bay Energy Fair

The South Bay Energy Fair will feature, on site:
Bicycles as cargo vehicles
Electric cars
Multiple public transit advocacy groups
Local biodiesel purchasing
Solar energy installers
Energy-saving appliances & home retrofits
Ultra fuel-efficient motorscooters

Alternative Fuel Smackdown debate
Green Fashion Show
Independent film release

A Great Day of Solar Energy & Green Transportation


Did Metro Build a Perpetual Motion Machine?

Even if you’ve never seen “The Seven Year Itch,” you probably know the bit where Marilyn Monroe’s skirt is blown by a subway train. Her skirt lifts because subway trains generate wind–lots of wind. Metro has a “Sustainable Rail Plan” under which its staff looks for ways to reduce power consumption. Cris Liban is Deputy Executive Officer for Environmental […]

Sen. Steinberg Proposes Carbon Tax on Gas Instead of Cap-and-Trade

CA Senator Darrell Steinberg proposed a change yesterday to California’s nascent cap-and-trade program that would replace next year’s cap on fuel emissions with a per-gallon carbon tax. Steinberg called it a “broader, more stable, and more flexible” way to reduce emissions from fuels than cap-and-trade. His proposal would apply the revenue raised from the tax […]

Solar Homes Tour of the South Bay

The South Bay Solar Homes Tour is a self-transported tour of local homes that have solar electric systems, solar hot water systems, super-insulated structures and windows, high-performance skylights, tankless water heaters, low-water or no-water landscaping, and other energy-efficiency features. The homes will be open to tour-goers, and the homeowners will be on hand to explain […]

Family Bike Touring Along the California Coast

My wife Carrie, our three-year-old daughter Maeve, and I bike-toured the central California coast last week. We took an Amtrak train from Los Angeles to Salinas, then an Amtrak through-bus to Monterey. From Monterey we biked down the coast through Big Sur and to San Luis Obispo, where we caught the train back to Los Angeles. […]