Today’s Headlines

  • Zev Yaroslavsky, LA’s Anti-Density Warrior (Times)
  • London’s Congestion Charge a Model for US Cities? (Times)
  • OCTA Dumps $40 Million More into 22 Widening (Register)
  • 8 Billion Reasons to Ride a Bicycle (Emerald City)
  • Taxi’s Tired of Restrictions (Times)
  • Privatized 710 Project Could Come at "No Cost to Taxpayers" (Whittier Daily News)
  • California Needs Rail, Not Roads (Planetizen)
  • Citizens on Patrol Policing Roads on Weekends (Times)
  • Miles of Traffic Lights Synchronized (The Signal)
  • Two LAPD Officers Injured in Freeway Crash (Times)
  • More Traffic Circles in DC Suburbs (WaPo)
  • There’s an excellent summary/analysis of the Yaroslavsky article over at Calitics.;jsessionid=7E88A2F49752A8E60A0AEA86E196A35C?diaryId=5534

    Choice quote:

    “Yaroslavsky is still playing the same game in the late 2000s that he was in the 1970s and the 1980s, despite fundamentally changed conditions and an even more staggering need for dense, affordable housing. At precisely the moment when LA’s future can be secured by turning to a new density, which in turn would secure the future of its working population, those few who benefited from the late 20th century policies of sprawl and cars are working to protect what they have – even if it means nobody else can enjoy economic security. “