Sneak Peak at Potential Gold Line Phase II Extensions


A report at Metro’s website outlines the possible alignments for Phase II of the Gold Line Eastside Extension Project. After the first round of scoping hearings, Metro has settled on 16 possible options for extending the Gold Line southeast from Union Station into San Bernadino and Whittier. Of the 16 alternatives that will receive further study, 13 are light rail options and the other 3 are Bus Rapid Transit.

The alternatives were selected after public meeting throughout the Eastside in October 2007. Metro reports that attendees at those meetings wanted to see the Gold Line extended into their communities to provide access to the downtown. The alternatives that received the most support at last fall’s meetings were grade separated light rail running down Whittier Boulevard followed by alignments along State Route 60 and Washington Boulevard.

The proposed extension along Route 60 has garnered support from the Latino Urban Forum because the route connects two of Southern California’s largest state parks and has greater potential for transit oriented development because of zoning along the potential route. L.U.F. claims the alignment would also have the lowest impact on the environment during construction and would reduce congestion along crowded Route 60 greater than any other alignment.

Public meetings to announce the alternatives and solicit feedback will be held between April 9th and 17th at Whittier, South El Monte, Montebello and Pico Rivera. A slimmed down group of alternatives will be released in August or September.

Image: Metro

  • Tim Buchheim

    The routes which go to Whittier seem like very logical routes to me. That part of LA county could certainly use light rail service. That being said, I would like to a see a separate rail line parallel to I-10 at some point, to provide an alternative to the El Monte Busway, which has gotten slower as it has been opened up to more carpoolers. (see the wikipedia article on the El Monte Busway for the details of the failed carpool experiment)

  • guayaba

    Light rail along the 60 is a great idea. I think a lot of people in San Gabriel Valley would use transit if Metro could build the Gold Line Foothill and Phase II extensions.

  • Jerard

    The 60 freeway corridor may be a path of least resistance but it’s also one of least ridership because east of the Montebello Mall, ridership drops significantly.

    The TOD developments next to the freeway and large regional parks will have to combat against the ashtma, CO2 and other wonderful air particles living next to a freeway provides not to mention the environmental clearences to even start building those homes next to a freeway or on County park property.

    On the surface the 60 Corridor and it provides access to Whittier Narrows Park. Sure it’s a large regional park but do we really think it’ll be wise to build something in an area that has no support, potential for density and possibly routing through the shooting range zone that is IN Whittier Narrows Park.

    Within the existing East LA Gold Line will have at least 4 parks right next to the line! 2 of them are larger than some within West LA.
    Sure this extension can frame the romantic notion of connect some folks to the park but there’s not much there nor in the future and the issues of bad air right next to the freeway pose serious health dangers to the future developments which going by the Green Line standards will be nothing more than strip malls with thick toxic moats of asphalt. Not to mention the existing residents along the under construction East LA Gold Line are already connected to large urban green spaces, look at a map and you’ll see.

  • Dan W.

    Whittier is a natural extension of the Southern leg of the Gold Line, so go for it.

    But the northern end to Montclair and the Southern End to Whittier shouldn’t be on the same leg.

    Maybe it’s time to move away from color coding and use letters or numbers or names or something creative.

  • Gold Line Blogger

    We agree that if the Gold Line Foothill Extension to Monclair is completed, commuters will find it is a wonderful alternative to their cars. The route will run by more than 10 colleges/universities and $43 billion in development is planned for the corridor. The ridership numbers from those campuses and new development will be significant. Unfortunately, Metro has yet to include the Gold Line Foothill Extension in its Long-Range Transportation Plan, and that is a travesty because unlike higher profile ideas planned for west of downtown LA, the Gold Line Foothill Extension can be completed within 4 years.

    The last day for public comments to be put on the record for Metro’s Long Range Transportation Plan is April 25th . It so happens that the Metro board meets that day before. So, if you are interested in voicing your opinion on what should be on Metro’s LRTP attend the April 24th Metro board meeting at Metro headquarters, 1 Gateway Plaza, adjacent to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. To join us on the train from Sierra Madre Villa Station in Pasadena on April 24th please call us at 626-305-7026 or RSVP at

    -Commenting on behalf of the Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority


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