Don’t Believe the Flyers, April CicLAvia Doesn’t Extend to Mariachi Plaza

The route for the April 15 CicLAvia from the physical flyers that can be found across the city. Except, the route is not going toward Mariachi Plaza as shown.

So, the Eastside CicLAvia re-route is finally happening this April . . .  or so it would seem on some of its flyers. The route shown on CicLAvia’s printed flyers being distributed in the Eastside marks a route going north on Boyle Avenue toward Mariachi Plaza, a small spur off the 10.5 mile route from last October.  Unfortunately, the map is a mis-print.  The April 15 CicLAvia route will follow the same path as the October 9th route, without an extension north to Mariachi Plaza.

Initially, CicLAvia planned to extend the route to Mariachi Plaza, but the costs to extend the route proved too high for the upcoming CicLAvia, explains Joe Linton, CicLAvia community organizer. Linton added he didn’t know how many flyers were printed with the error.

Before the error was revealed, some Eastside community leaders were excited at the thought of an expanded CicLAvia.  Boyle Heights community blogger Erick Huerta pointed out the re-route to me when he picked up a flyer at Primera Taza Coffee House on 1st Street and was already spreading the word on Twitter.

@ciclavia is extending the #boyleheights route from Boyle/4th to Mariachi Plaza for the Mariachi Festival. Moving on up, to the Eastside
4/3/12 5:02 PM

Christopher Piña, a business consultant with Boyle Heights based Business Source, raised a red flag about the re-route, because of another event that was taking place at Mariachi Plaza the same day as CicLAvia.

The CicLAvia Eastside expansion could still happen by the next CicLAvia, this October, but is dependent on raising enough funds to cover an extended route according to Linton.

To download a map with the correct route for the April 15 CicLAvia route, click here.

(Disclosure: Linton is a member of the L.A. Streetsblog editorial board.)

  • What’s the other event going on at Mariachi Plaza? You mean the whole rest of the city doesn’t shut down and wither during CicLAvia?

    We at CicLAvia are sorry about our error on the flier… in December we were hoping to add new mileage in April, but didn’t quite feel we could work it. Hopefully on October 14th 2012!

  • Anonymous

    Occupy the Mariachi Plaza Route!!!!  Everyone, should just bike up there in waves, taking the lane!