Bike Unfriendly Place of the Week: Dodger Stadium

We've written before about some of the problems those brave few who bike to Dodger Stadium face.  This year we found that a bike rack had been installed and hoped things would be better.  After some decent early reviews from myself and the Militant Angeleno we discovered the biggest flaw with the new bike parking was nobody in the security and parking staff knew where it was and there was no mention of it on the Dodger website.

Months later, we discovered that not only is the bike parking the Dodger's best kept secret, they also use the bike parking area as the smoking lounge.  Regular commenter Ubrayj02 enlightens us in the comments section from last week's "Worst Bike Amenities" column:

The new bike racks at Dodger Stadium are surrounded by a gate during games - as a place for visitors to hangout and smoke cigarettes. Yes, the bike racks are smoking hot during games, and your bike will be covered in ash and dust, and will have the faint aroma of an ash tray after each game. It was a bitch to get my bakfiets clean after a game I recently attended.

Smoking and cycling!  Two great things that go great together.  I know back east racing cyclists smoke to keep weight off during the winter, but out here in Los Angeles there's just no excuse. 

Today marks the inaugural run of the Dodger Trolley, funded completely by the City of Los Angeles.  Fans of alternative transportation should rejoice that finally Major League Baseball's only team named after a form of transit isn't also the only team without a transit option to their Stadium.  However, the Dodgers still have a long way to go before anyone can associate the word "Green" with Dodgers Blue.

Customer service can be reached at 866-DOD-GERS.  Also, keep those submissions coming...