Today’s Headlines

Broadway Progress. Photo by Ryan xxxxxxxxx
Eyes on the Street: Downtown L.A.’s Broadway Dress Rehearsal is making progress. New crosswalks and barrier posts since SBLA’s last peek. photo Ryan Johnson
  • Damian Kevitt Finishes the Ride, Raises Hit and Run Funding and Awareness (NBC, ATVN)
  • LAPD Video Places Blame Squarely on Downtown’s Pedestrians (Curbed)
  • 0.3-Mile of New Bike Lanes on First Street in Koreatown (LAEV)
  • L.A. Is Pedestrian Death Capital, Or Second to NYC, Depends (L.A. Weekly)
  • Community Art Project Offers Ideas for MacArthur Park (LAT)
  • Someone Is Arguing Against Congestion Pricing With a Lexus Lanes Argument…Surprised? (City Watch)
  • You Can TAP on Long Beach Transit (The Source)
  • Stylish By Bike Comes To LB Bike Fest (LongBeachize)

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  • Joe B

    If they didn’t want people to make Lexus Lanes arguments, they shouldn’t have decided to make carpoolers pay money and buy gizmos just to use the carpool lanes.

  • HighNoon

    Gizmos = cars? They aren’t carpool lanes. They are express lanes.

    Costs and benefits mean more than just money.

  • AlecMitchell

    I hope those bollards on Broadway will be replaced and/or supplemented with something a bit more substantial. They are just hollow plastic with little substance. Without more substantial protection from traffic those pedestrian zones are going to be more of a hazard than a blessing.

  • They were carpool lanes for years. Now carpool users are forced to pay to use them.

  • HighNoon

    I would encourage you to review Metro’s FAQ’s and the program structure overall as I don’t believe your statement is accurate.

    Carpool users are NOT required to pay any toll on I-110, aside from the fee of the transponder. Last I checked, you get the $40 credit for the 40$ transponder, resulting in no out-of-pocket costs for the device. Additionally, there is a “life-line” consideration where you can receive credits below a certain income.

    On the I-10 a 3 person carpool is free and a two person carpool pays during peaks, otherwise a two person carpool is free.

    We can address equity concerns through policy and rebates. Allowing solo drivers to pay to use the excess HOV capacity, while still allowing carpoolers to use it for free (most of the time) is a better policy than what we had before, IMHO.