Today’s Headlines

  • #roadsharela Joins Central Ave. Ride, Looking for Potholes, Price (LAT)
  • LACBC’s Klausner to #roadsharela: Roads Getting More Bike Friendly in LA (LAT)
  • Transit Mag Asks if City’s Plan/Vision Are Too Big for Eric Garcetti (Next City)
  • Major Meeting Tonight on Jefferson Boulevard Streetscape Plan Near USC (SBLA)
  • Watch Metro Execs. Talk Transit and Highways on SaMo Television (The Source)
  • Wow, Does This Columnist Really Not Get It on Ped. Safety (LAT)
  • Bizarre SRTS Story Reveals Anti-Bike Bias in SaMo Newspaper (SaMo Next)
  • Ports Won’t Drop Cargo Fee (LB Press-Telegram)
  • New Route Proposed for Second Leg of CAHSR (KOLO)
  • San Diego Driver to Fight Ticket for Wearing Google Glass (AP via SM Daily Journal)

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