Today’s Headlines

Finally a Carmageddon video I can get behind. Especially the part about the rain.

  • Shoup: AB 710 the Affordable Housing/TOD/Parking Bill Will Increase Affordable Housing (Design Advocate)
  • How Much Greenhouse Gas Is Saved by Orange Line Bike Trail? (The Source)
  • Read Metro’s Three Bike/Transit Report Results (Summary, Orange Line, Metro Rail)
  • Killer Driver Lives in Porter Ranch.  Car Still Missing.  (Safe Streets Northridge)
  • Cities Can’t Afford to Neglect Bike/Ped Infrastructure.  Especially L.A. (NRDC Switchboard)
  • Canyon Country Killer Driver Given Life Sentence (Daily News)
  • The Source Readers Want to Make Transit More Attractive Euro Style
  • Is High Speed Rail a Culture War? (CAHSR Blog)
  • Appeals Court Says Calif. Can Continue Cap-and-Trade Plan (Sac Bee)
  • Chairman Mica Has Pet Rail Project, and Its a Clunker (NYT)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill

I’ll be in Glendale a lot of the day, so it’s probably going to be a little light today.