Today’s Headlines

L.A. Transit advocates hoping for an "Obama Bump."  Photo: ##
L.A. Transit advocates are hoping for an "Obama Bump." Photo: ##
  • Mr. Villaraigosa Goes to Washington, Asking for Help for 30/10 (KNBC, Daily News, LAT, The Source)
  • Local Government Boards on Board for 30/10 (The Source)
  • LAT: Newsom for Lt. Gov.
  • Some Pics from Sunday’s “No to Coal, No to Oil” Rally (LAist)
  • So, When We Doing this CicLAvia Thing Again? (KPCC)
  • For Those of You That Can’t Wait, Biking In L.A. Has a Great List of Everyone’s Recaps
  • Columnist: City Planning Completely Out of Control (City Watch)
  • Canceling Transit Tunnel in NJ Could Be NJ’s Second Biggest Gift to L.A. (City Watch)
  • Caltlrans Hoping to Re-Open Angels’ Crest Highway Before Year Is Over (LAT)

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    Looks like Metro released its recommendations for the LPA before the public comment period was officially over. As suspected it was Alternative 2.

    Those of us who supported a Santa Monica Blvd. spur will be disappointed with the likely cancellation of a heavy rail transfer structure at La Cienega Blvd. However, the interesting comment was made in the recommendations regarding the cancellation of that structure:


    “This structure is not recommended for inclusion in the LPA. The cost of $135 million is not within the available funding reserved through the LRTP for the project. Additionally, the heavy rail option for the West Hollywood Line did not perform as well as anticipated when evaluated against FTA New Starts criteria in the DEIS/DEIR. As such, the high cost of the connection structure is not justified when there may be alternative, less costly, solutions to serve the route through West Hollywood.

    While the DEIS/DEIR identifies that the West Hollywood line has very high potential as a transit corridor, further study is needed to determine if a more cost-effective transit alternative such as light rail subway may provide a project that would be more competitive under federal funding criteria. If such an alternative were selected in the future, there would not be the need for a heavy rail connection structure.”


    Coupled with this Metro map regarding an extension of the Crenshaw Line (“Rose Line”) north to Hollywood, I expect advocates will quickly switch to advocating the “Pink Line” be a northern extension of the “Rose Line” as a San Vicente & Santa Monica Blvd. light-rail project.

  • Also, KNBC parroted the LA Times’ incorrect portrayal of the Wilbur Avenue road diet as “bike v. cars” when the truth is it’s “making streets safer for cars, bikes & peds without radically impacting congestion or travel times”.

    Sweet cameo by Roadblock, too.