Today’s Headlines

  • More Views on the Beck/Rosendahl Town Hall on Bikes (Biking in L.A., LA Weekly, Neon Tommy, LACBC)
  • Recap of This Month’s Metro Board Meeting (The Source)
  • MTA Votes to Audit Legal Department (Daily News)
  • A look at L.A. County’s Bike Plan (CICLE)
  • "Congestion Pricing" Delayed So Second HOT Lane Could Be Added to I-10 (The Source)
  • City Now Using Bus Shelter Revenue to Pay Council Staff (Times)
  • "Down and Out" Street Mural to Be Removed (blogdowntown)
  • It Might Be Gaudy, But Is This Billboard Illegal? (LAist)
  • Gavin Newsom Announces a Dozen New Public Plazas for This Year (Streetsblog SF)
  • Amman, Jordan Fostering Citizenship One Sidewalk at a Time (NYT)

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  • Erik G.

    Isn’t it funny that although every press release from LA Metro asks editor (and the rest of us) to refer to the LACMTA as “LA Metro”, the Daily News continues to refer to LA Metro as the “MTA”.

  • David Galvan


    Don’t know if you heard yet, but there was a 13-year-old girl killed in an apparent hit-and-run this morning:,0,7769289.story

    Very sad. The girl was a student at the school where my wife teaches. She didn’t have the girl as a direct student, but obviously the rest of the school is very distressed this morning.

  • I just watched the press conference on ABC 7. They referred to the crash as a “terrible accident” over and over again. Wouldn’t say if a crime had been committed. Wouldn’t even call it a “hit and run” because the drivers talked to the mother of the victim before driving off, even if they didn’t bother to give any contact information. Total letdown.

    Edit: We’ll do something once I can find a copy of the press conference. Hoping ABC 7 posts it.

  • David Galvan
  • Be careful not to get too interested in the Brentwood case. You’ll be labeled racists for not caring about other cases involving black children or poor people, even though they are covered here plenty.