Expo Construction Authority Expected to Pick Final Route Tomorrow

4_1_09_expo.jpgImage of Light Rail in Santa Monica via Curbed LA

Tomorrow, the Expo Construction Authority will vote on a "Final" route for Phase II of the Expo Line that will undergo an environmental study before final design and construction.  The staff has recommended, and the Board will almost assuredly follow their recommendation, that the they move forward with option "LRT-2" or in layman’s terms a light rail option that will run down the existing right-of-way before turning down Colorado Avenue towards the coast. 

This route has long been a favorite of most locals and environmentalists because it provides the most direct, least costly and least environmentally dangerous route for the line.  Friends for Expo already have released a statement supporting the alignment and have set up a link for supporters to email the Construction Authority Board. Light Rail for Cheviot has also emailed supporters asking for their support at tomorrow’s hearing and is pushing a secondary message of asking for a station at Westwood.

Thus far, the groups opposing the Expo Line have held their powder, although we can expect a response from them tomorrow.  Both the Cheviot Hills Homeowners Association and Neighbors for Smart Rail have opposed a Westwood Station.

While tomorrow may end the debate over where the line will go, it does nothing to close other parts of the debate.  The future of the Expo Bike Path, the issues of grade separation and where to place maintenance facilities are all to be decided at a future point.

The Board Meeting will begin tomorrow at 2:30 pm downtown in the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple, Third Floor, Board of Supervisors, Hearing Room 381B.

Several groups have sent Action Alerts to my inbox.  To read some of them, click through the jump.

Light Rail for Cheviot:

All Supporters of the Right-of-Way route for Phase 2 of the Expo Line:


Please either turn out for the Expo Board meeting on Thursday, April 2, at 2:30 pm downtown in the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple, Third Floor, Board of Supervisors, Hearing Room 381B, or email the Board members.  Use the addresses below to write them!

We formed to SUPPORT THE ROW, and that should be the MAIN MESSAGE. Also, WE WANT A STATION AT WESTWOOD – CHHA and NFSR are opposing it, arguing that only a station at Sepulveda is needed.  But we want to USE the light rail, not just watch it go by!  And this is your chance to tell the Board your views on the two main issues facing Cheviot Hills and Rancho Park:  at-grade or grade-separated at Overland, parking or greenway between Westwood and Overland.


councilmember.perry@lacity.org ,councilmember.wesson@lacity.org,councilmember.parks@lacity.org,seconddistrict@lacbos.org,zev@lacbos.org,pam.oconnor@smgov.net,scott.malsin@culvercity.org

Los Angeles County Bike Coalition:

Attention Cyclists: We have an important opportunity to
demand that the Expo Bikeway is built!

WHAT: Expo Board of Directors meeting
WHEN: Thursday, April 2, 2:30pm
WHERE: Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration , 500 W. Temple Street,
Third Floor, Board of Supervisors’ Hearing Room 381 B

The Expo Board will vote on a design
alternative for Phase 2 (Culver City to Santa Monica) and they
must address outstanding bikeway issues.  At this meeting, we need to get a commitment that they will build the bikeway.

Please attend this meeting and speak in support of the Expo
Bikeway project!

You don’t need a polished presentation; just let them know
we need this and it needs to be done right.  Here are some key points:

– The bikeway must be built with the Expo project. 
Since it was not included in the Draft-EIR, we need a commitment and a plan
from Expo on how that will happen.

– Some intersections where Expo proposes the bikeway go have
serious problems with road crossings: Venice & Robertson, Pico @
Gateway, Olympic @ Stewart.  Expo needs to work with LA and Santa
to find safe and convenient solutions.

– Expo, Metro and the cities need to find funding for the
bikeway so that it can be built at the same time as the rail line.

– If the Expo Bikeway is not built at the same time as the
rail line, costs will increase dramatically and
construction difficulties could be created

– The goal of the Expo project is to reduce auto use.  The bikeway is a critical component because it can deliver
transit users to stations without car trips and provides a much-needed
crosstown commuter bikeway. 

We need as many cyclists’ voices as possible to ensure the building
of the Expo Bikeway!


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