Road Rage Dr. Thompson Arraigned on 7 Counts (Updated)

Stephen Box spent the morning at the La Cienega Courthouse to bring us the news on the progress of the trial for Dr. Christopher Thompson, the "road-rage" doctor that allegedly tried to kill a pair of experienced cyclists on July 4th for riding two abreast on a two-lane road.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the story, click here for all the details.  For those that want to read about the charges Thompson will face, read on.

Via Soap Box LA:

Thompson will return to court on February 23, 2009 when his attorney,
Peter Swarth, is expected to enter a motion to dismiss the charges
which are: 2 counts of assault with a deadly weapon, 2 counts of
battery with serious bodily injury, reckless driving, reckless driving
causing specified injury and mayhem.

Deputy District Attorney
Mary Stone moved swiftly, entering the charges and asking the Judge to
order Thompson to surrender his passport.  The Judge set bail at $100
thousand and directed Thompson to turn over his passport, giving him
until Tuesday to retrieve it from storage.

As in the past,
Thompson appeared in court with his entourage, a group that only served
to draw attention in an otherwise quiet and routine day at the La
Cienega Airport Courthouse.

The trial date is set for March 6,
2010, almost 2 years after the July 4 weekend incident that set this
journey in motion. Thompson is alleged to have pulled his car in front
of 2 cyclists, slamming on his brakes, causing one cyclist to hit the
ground while the other cyclist went throuth the rear window.

Update: The trial will actually be held within 10 days of March 6 of this year.  The legal term is "0 of 10" for March 6, so you can see where the confusion came from.  Thanks to Gary Kavanaugh for the correction.

  • KateNonymous

    Two years?

  • Wow. Mob justice actually seems like it might have been a better answer than leaving the fate of the Mad Doctor of Mandeville Canyon up to the courts.

    I never thought I’d feel that way, but two years for this guy to frolic and continue driving on Mandeville Canyon Road is … well, it’s an injustice.

  • crankarm

    They say justice delayed is justice denied. Americans were granted the right to a speedy trial so they wouldn’t be left to rot indefinitely in jail without their case being heard. Now the accused waives his right and loiters around on bail indefinitely while the victims of crimes (all crimes, not just Dr. Thompson’s) get to linger without resolution. Two years for a trial date is obscene.

  • Hey at least they actually charged him!

    Assault with a deadly weapon is a serious charge and very appropriate but attempted murder may have also been warranted.

  • Is there any update on how the victims are doing? Doesn’t this merit an attempted homicide charge?

  • Whoa whoah woah, the LA now post I first read that broke the story said March 6th with no year, which I thought to imply it was March 6th this year. Are they really pushing this back 2 years, what the hell!!

  • skunk_cabbage

    two years or two weeks, it makes no difference, really. Dr Thompson should rot in the slammer until his trial takes place… and for many, many years afterward. General populatiom, not some country club sentence, either.

  • Jim

    Any more news? It’s now March 9… tick, tock.

  • No news, but I should have some soon, within ten working days of the 6th, so that would be the 20th? I’ll check around.

  • Rob

    no, no, no – the trial date is in 2010, y’all. That’s what everyone was bitchin’ about above ..

  • NO NO NO

    Rob, no it isn’t. See the update. The trial is NOT scheduled for 2010.

  • Jim

    The court date was continued. No new date set.


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