LAPD Will Enfoce Bike License Law

Flyer from LAPD Central District Station

Streetsblog can now confirm the report by Streetsblog commenter "furbat" will issue a citation to unlicensed bicycles under Los Angeles Municipal Code 26.01. While I was downtown registering both my wife’s and my own road bikes I grabbed a picture of the above flyer.  I was also able to confirm that not every district registers bicycles, it’s at the discretion of the District Captain.

So far, we’ve confirmed that two LAPD stations do license bicycles.  At the Central District station, bicycles can be licensed every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 A.M. to 8 P.M. and the DPS Station at USC will register you’re bike whenever they are open.  While we’ve heard reports that these are the only two LAPD stations that license bicycles, the only ones we’ve confirmed do not are Hollywood District and the station at the corner of San Vicente and Venice Blvds.

  • Great. I’m a criminal by default now. Screw you LAMC 26.01.

  • calling it a bicycle license is a complete misnomer. it should be called “give the LAPD 3 dollars in fear of having your bike stolen, which we’ll only feign an interest in getting back.”

    but somehow my suggestion is less marketable.

  • david: if you owned the patent on the LAPD $3 give, you’d be golden.

  • anonymouse

    So what exactly happens if I live in Pasadena? Or in NYC and just happen to be visiting?

  • Ya know, since I had to take my bike into the Central District…I’d love to see the reaction to your Bucket Bike…

  • Ed Greenberg

    I’ve discovered that Santa Monica will issue a bicycle license to any California resident by mail for the same $3. No need to visit a police station.

  • The latest news from

    Tomorrow night. 6 p.m. Bring your unlicensed bike, your sense of common courtesy, and $3 to the LAPD station downtown.

    They want licensed bikes, they will get licensed bikes. A small group of polite and concerned citizens will be on hand to de-criminalize themselves.

    If you’re interested in going, make sure to mention your referral from Officer Alvarez, who let several Ridazz know that it was not okay to ride a bike in L.A.

    Also, if you want a bike to register, I’ve got two that I can’t ride that need to be registered. Call me up at 213 909 8986 to arrange to take one of these beauties from Highland Park to Downtown and back.


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