Today’s Headlines

  • City Slashes Permit Process for New Real Estate Development (Times, Flusiswa)
  • Westside Malls Seek To Assuage Traffic Concerns (Times)
  • S.F. Planner Designs Metro Map of the Future (Metro Rider)
  • Marina Del Rey Markets Itself as ‘Place Where You Don’t Need a Car’ (Press Release)
  • Hit and Run Driver Hits Cyclist in Artesia (CBS2)
  • Walkable Streets Gaining Currency Among Developers (WSJ, preview only)
  • Love that you’re listing accident reports here. One of my favorite parts of the NYC Streetsblog is the carnage reports. How macabre.

  • Dan W.

    Well, people who want transit in Marina Del Rey better get busy, because the MTA wants to eliminate its 108 bus service to the Marina. It’s an example of offering an unreliable and limited service and then complaining there is no demand.

    The Marina would probably be better off with Culver City Bus providing service, but in either case, transit advocates for the Marina needs to get busy in a hurry.