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  • Garcetti Has Skin in the Game on My Figueroa!

    Sharrows are one thing, but separated bike lanes are something else. Photo: LADOT Earlier this month, the City of Los Angeles wrote to the Green Lane Project, seeking to be a partner city in “Green Lane Project 2″. If selected, L.A. would be one of six American cities that would work with People for Bikes to receive [...]

  • Breaking News: City Releases DEIR for 5 Year Bike Plan Implementation/My Figueroa Project. Further Study Not Needed

    39.5 miles of bicycle lanes on congested streets and the My Figueroa Project are headed towards environmental clearance following release of a DEIR and a new law signed by Governor Brown. Map via: The 2010 Bicycle Plan - First Year of the First Five-Year Implementation Strategy and the Figueroa Streetscape Project When Governor Jerry Brown signed [...]

  • Metro Plans to Remove Adams Blvd. Sidewalks Near My Figueroa

    For a full size of this slide from Metro's Powerpoint slide, click here. Metro has some pretty big plans on what to do with the federal funds they’re receiving to pilot a congestion pricing plan on two Los Angeles freeways.  But one plan for Adams Boulevard in South Los Angeles has some locals scratching their heads.  [...]

  • Five Things I Learned at This Week’s L.A. Transportation Committee

    Here are the top five things I learned listening in to this week’s Los Angeles City Council Transportation Committee meeting. The public meeting took place Wednesday, August 27, at Los Angeles City Hall. If you’re nimble and/or having trouble sleeping, catch the full audio here. 1. Seleta Reynolds Hearts Car Share In discussion of the city’s anemic [...]

  • City Leaders Shepherding MyFigueroa Stakeholders Toward Consensus

    Graphic from Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s analysis of the past 10 years’ traffic injuries and fatalities on South Figueroa Street in the MyFigueroa project stretch. Car collisions seriously injured 1453 persons and killed 2. Click graphic to enlarge. Source: LACBC The long-anticipated MyFigueroa project made another appearance at the Los Angeles City Council’s Planning and [...]

  • MyFigueroa Project Picking Up Key Neighborhood Council Support

    MyFigueroa planned improvements on 11th Street leading to Figueroa Street. Image from MyFigueroa website MyFigueroa is picking up some steam as the city’s decision on an appeal of the project’s certification  approaches. MyFigueroa is the city of L.A.’s innovative downtown complete streets project, in the works since 2008. The project extends from Downtown L.A. (from the 7th [...]

  • Bike Advisory Committee: Stop Wasting Time and Money Stalling on Bike Projects

    Gil Cedillo campaigned in the Flying Pigeon bike shop and used a picture with the owner in his campaign billboards. Now, Josef Bray-Ali is campaigning hard for Cedillo to fulfill a campaign promise to see bike lanes on North Figueroa Street as the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee calls new studies a waste of time and [...]

  • MyFigueroa! Needs a Hero as Livable Streets Villains Line Up Against City’s First Cycletracks

    Listening to yesterday’s City Council Planning and Land Use Committee over the phone, it felt as though I was listening to a parody of a hearing. What should have been a major moment for the MyFigueroa! project, the city’s most important bicycle and pedestrian project on the books. turned into an almost baffling show of [...]

  • Connecting the Dots: VerdeXchange/FutureBuild Conference Looks at the Sustainable Los Angeles of Tomorrow

    Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke during a lunchtime plenary at the VerdeXchange/FutureBuild, a conference on sustainability, business and public policy, on Tuesday at the L.A. Hotel Downtown on Figueroa. He urged all departments in the city to look at everything through a lens of environmentalism. Photo: John Dlugolecki “Los Angeles had a sustainable past, going all the way [...]

  • The Week in Livable Streets Events

    Is it just me, or are we starting to see every weekend full of Livable Streets Events. It’s exciting. The week itself has some big ones with the Metro Board of Directors and other important events throughout the week. Tuesday, Thursday - The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles is a new health and wellness chapter that will [...]

  • Open Thread: The First 101 Days of Mayor Garcetti

    Garcetti layed out his own transportation agenda in our interview series during the primaries. With much fanfare from the mainstream press, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s first 100 days in office have come and gone. Polls show the mayor has pretty outstanding approval numbers as he’s earned praise for a quiet and steady leadership style. Things haven’t been as [...]

  • The Week in Livable Streets Events

    After the CicLAvia hangover wears off, there’s a pretty packed calendar of events beginning with Walk to School Day and ending with a fundraiser for the family of a slain Hit and Run victim. In between there’s conferences, committee meetings and even a three-day party for a space shuttle. Wednesday – It’s Walk to School Day! [...]

  • Integrating Land Use and Transportation IV: Boulevard Zones

    Last week, Streetsblog introduced a six-part series by Mark Vallianatos looking at how city leadership can start truly integrating land use and transportation in the six geographic zones he outlined: parks, hills, homes, boulevards, center and industry. First, he outlined the series and wrote about parks. Later, “The Hills”and “Homes Zone” got it’s turn. Each section includes [...]

  • CD 11 Livable Streets Candidates Forum Tonight!

    International Livable Streets rock stars Gehl Architects put together a beautiful vision for South Figueroa. What vision do the candidates vying to replace Bill Rosendahl have for the Westside and all of L.A.? Image: My Figueroa Tonight, L.A. Streetsblog, Bikerowave, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and Los Angeles Walks, hosts the first   candidate forum [...]

  • Change.Org Petition Asks for Bike Lanes on North Figueroa

    The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s East L.A. Bike Ambassador Program is proving to be one of its most active local programs. While the group is meeting again tonight to discuss strategy for working with the city to improve bicycle access and safety in East and Northeast Los Angeles. Photo: LACBC via Change.Org It’s been a cause [...]

  • Streetsies 2012: It Was the Best of Times

    Best Innovation: Every now and then, Los Angeles comes up with some pretty cool ideas ahead of everyone else. This category honors some of the best creative ideas for the area. The nominees: Sunset Triangle Plaza, Santa Monica Bike Campus, New Parklet Design for East, Northeast L.A., 50 Parks Initiative, Bike Center Editor’s Choice: Santa Monica Bike Campus 2012 [...]

  • Thinking of Walking CicLAvia? Think of Joining the Figueroa Street Parade

    While pretty much everyone loves CicLAvia, coming back to Los Angeles’ streets this Sunday, there has been one complaint that keeps popping up. The event is just too popular. There is such a latent demand to safely explore the city on bicycle, that over 100,000 bikes crowd the streets, making other CicLAvia events, such as [...]

  • Plenty of Hurdles Still Remain for Progressive South Figueroa Corridor Project

    The proposed My Figueroa (Not sure what the My Figueroa project is?  Check out this story from last year?) Less than a month ago, it seemed as though the progressive South Figueroa Corridor Project, known as the My Figueroa project, was on the ropes.  No agency was stepping up to take it from the CRA and Streetsblog [...]

  • Making Change on North Figueroa Street

    When two Streetsblog sponsors get together, the world is our oyster. For more on the meeting, read this first hand review at g4do-g4do Earlier this year, when the designs for South Figueroa’s My Figueroa project were released, Josef Bray-Ali wasn’t happy.  While many advocates celebrated designs that would, if implemented, result in segregated bike paths, transit-only [...]

  • Streetscast: Meet the Streetsblog Board’s Deborah Murphy

    Murphy, presenting for the MyFigueroa project team. Photo:LA Streetsblog/Flickr Over the course of this year, I wanted to take time ever now and then to introduce you to members of our L.A. Streetsblog team here in Los Angeles by letting you hear them discuss transportation issues in their own words. Previous articles have focused [...]

  • Editorial: Don’t extend the 710;Shrink It and Expand Alternatives

    I have written about how amorphous the scoping process for Metro and Caltran’s 710 gap-closure/ big dig project has been.   I’ve now given shape to my own opinions in comments for the scoping phase of their environmental review (which ends on April 14th). Please submit comments if you are interested in the future of freeways [...]

  • Goodbye, 30/10. Hello, Fast Forward America.

    All pictures were taken by Darrell Clarke. Here, the committees and Villaraigosa take questions from the media. Mica is at the podium flanked by Villaraigosa and Boxer. Goodbye “30/10″ and hello “Fast Forward America.” Congressman John Mica (R-FL) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) brought their road show to Los Angeles earlier this morning to get [...]

  • Today’s Headlines

    San Gabriel Valley Tribune Endorses Football Stadium in San Gabriel Valley Planning Commission Approves Much Improved Lorenzo Project (LAT) A Must Watch Film, Not a Streetfilm, About How Bike Crashes Are Treated in Europe (Streetfilms) 1st Amendment?  Trutanich Throwing the Book at Political Protesters (LAT) Metro Highways Boss: Everything on the Table for 710 Project (The Source) My Figueroa Was [...]

  • CRA Unveils Draft Plans for South Figueroa, Public Mostly Positive

    The South Figueroa Corridor Plan proposes changes for more than just Figueroa Street. A standing room only audience descended on the Fashion Institute of Design on South Grand Street to listen to a presentation from the embattled Community Redevelopment Agency for a ground breaking and popular proposal to transform the South Figueroa Corridor.  When people discuss [...]

  • Will Figueroa Street Be Los Angeles’ First Truly Complete Street?

    For a copy of the flyer announcing their February meetings, click here. I have to be honest.  If the My Figueroa project ends up fulfilling its mission of designing a people-friendly Figueroa Street from the southwest corner of Exposition Park to Downtown Los Angeles only by adding a couple of trees and repainting the crosswalks, I’ll [...]

  • The Week in Livable Streets Events

    There’s a full calendar this week with something new and different every week.  So who’s up for a trip to Riverside? Monday – Metro holds its second hearing updating the progress of the Regional Connector.  It looks as though the Little Tokyo community is on board, so there’s few roadblocks in the way of bringing this [...]