Make Your Endorsements, the L.A. Streetsblog Caucus

Next week, Downtowners, Angelenos, Californians and Americans will head to the polls for the 2012 General Election. There’s a slew of local ballot initiatives on the ballot in addition to the main event. But why wait until Tuesday to make your voice heard, when you can do so right now in addition to at the ballot box.

We’re polling Streetsblog readers on four votes: the Downtown Streetcar, Prop. 37, Measure J and the presidential race. Tuesday morning, we’ll post the results of the polling and publish the best comments for or against each Measure. Vote early, vote often (and vote again on Tuesday).

We’ve done a lot of work on Measure J in the past week, and we’ll be posting a major piece on Monday looking at the arguments for and against the transit tax extension.

Are You Voting for Measure J

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Brigham Yen makes the case for why Downtowners should vote for a fee that would allow construction of the Downtown L.A. Streetcar. In addition to boostering the project, Yen also does a great job explaining the vote.

Are You Voting/Would You Vote For - The Downtown Streetcar Tax?

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We’ve barely covered Prop. 37. Because we’ve been doing more public health writing, we’re still interested in your thoughts. The proposition would require labeling of foods that contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s.) L.A. Weekly does a good breakdown of what the proposition does, and to find out more about a GMO, click here.

Are You Voting for Prop. 37

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We can’t even do a “reader’s endorsement” for the presidential race, but it wouldn’t be a poll without asking the big question.

Who Are You Voting for for President of the United States on Tuesday?

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  • Davistrain

    Noting the overwhelming support for re-electing President Obama in the above survey, and considering all the nationwide polls saying “too close to call”, I would guess that the Streetsblog readership “skews left”.  Nothing wrong with that–I think Obama isn’t perfect, but at least his party doesn’t want to eliminate Amtrak, and they do take global warming

  • 40 year tax

     Welcome to Los Angeles!  Streetsblog readers are left of European socialists.

  • TripleCrown

     not really seeing the connection between the above and europe or socialists.  try a little harder next time please.

  • PC

    Never mind Obama, I’m really surprised at how many readers would vote for the Downtown streetcar–an idea so ill-conceived that its most prominent backers don’t even try to make a serious case for it as actual transit.


It’s Election Day! Here Are Your Endorsements

The polls are closed at the first Streetsblog Caucus Readers’ Endorsement and the results are in. Below are your endorsements on the two ballot initiatives and one mail-in election that are within our coverage area. Don’t forget to vote today, and Downtowners you have until November 28th to mail in your ballot on the Streetcar. […]

Op/Ed: Yes on Downtown Streetcar

(We’ll resume our Measure J op/ed series tomorrow. During our one-day break, enjoy this piece by DTLA Rising author Brigham Yen’s view on the vote on the Downtown Streetcar funding measure. You can still vote by mail before November 28. – DN) The deadline to register to vote for the L.A. Streetcar in Downtown L.A. […]

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