Join Us for Our December 8th Fundraiser, And Celebrate With Some of Our 2011 Streetsie Winners

On Thursday, December 8, Los Angeles Streetsblog will be hosting its first ever “End of the Year” party at 6:30 P.M. at 11555 National Boulevard 12226 Venice Boulevard.  The suggested donation is $25, but everything is on a sliding scale, nobody will be denied entrance.  For more information, check back here or sign up for the event on Facebook or check out the “top ten reasons” to party with Streetsblog we published earlier.

<drumroll> In addition to our contributors and Board of Directors, here are the six winners of our “People of the Year” Streetsie Awards.  We will announce the nominees for the People’s Choice Streetsies in December and you’ll get your chance to tell us if we missed anyone.  Click on the winner’s names to read more about why they were chosen as the 2011 people of the year. </drumroll>

Politician of the Year: Antonio Villaraigosa

Advocate of the Year: Sunyoung Yang

Advocate of the Year: Colin Bogart

Blogger of the Year: Brigham Yen

Government Worker of the Year: Rye Baerg

Streetsblog Contributor of the Year: Dana Gabbard

Yes, there are two advocates of the year this year. We all felt Colin deserved an award for his work in Glendale, but given that whatever award we gave him wouldn’t be repeatable given the uniqueness of his position in Glendale.  Thus, we decided to have two advocate of the year awards for 2011 for two different kinds of advocates working in different situations but making an amazing difference in Greater Los Angeles.

  • Jody Litvak

    As a surprise winner last year (at least it was a surprise to me), I’d like to be the first here to congratulate all of the 2011 winners.  They’re all working to make greater LA better and these winners are certainly deserving.  It was also great to read the stories and see how many other people there are that are also contributing.  Kudos all around or, as my people say, Mazal Tov. 

    Jody Litvak

  • Juan Matute

    Congratulations to Brigham!  Thanks for covering and promoting LA’s urban renaissance.  

    Congrats to everyone else as well.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really glad to see that Antonio has been honored. People do forget that his first initiative when he entered office in 2005 was to overturn the federal subway drilling ban in Los Angeles by hiring a commission to prove to Henry Waxman that drilling can be done safe in LA. That was his first objective and within 2 years, we had a drilling ban overturned. Then in 2007/2008 he authorized $10 million to start the environmental studies on the subway, connector, Further East Gold Line, Crenshaw, etc… All these studies when other politicians (and Metro CEO) were saying “no cash is available”. He also got behind the Measure R sales tax increase in 2008 (when for some politicans entering an election year in 2009 would consider it a death nail). If it wasn’t for Antonio, we wouldn’t have this such great transit momentum in Los Angeles. Imagine, we’re closing to having 5 rail lines under construction simulatenously in 2 years, that was unheard of. His transit achievements will not be truly valued until he’s years removed from office, so sad. In the long run, he’ll remember as the Mayor who truly expanded our transit network. If any politican deserves a station named after them today, it’s Antonio (future Wilshire/La Brea/Antonio Villairaigosa station)?


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